Hello People Of The World

(The following relevant acrimonious messages do not apply to the good, kind, decent, moral and loving New Zealanders and immigrants who are both kind and grateful to indigenous Maori people for the fact that we are sharing our land, our resources, and our kindness with you all :-)  AS FOR YOU OPEN AND CLOSET RACISTS - LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR - FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND DONT FUCKEN COME BACK!!!)

To understand why I'm so angry at the racists in our country... look at the last two photo's on the M.O.A. Government page.  Now if that doesn't break your heart into a million pieces and make you want to get even with these evil people, then you and I probably won't get along very well.  The children in these photo's look like natives from anyone of the countries they were stolen from.  Here in New Zealand, this is reality - it is happening - it is still ongoing.

To understand my personal reasons for M.O.A. - click on the C.S.I. link in the above menu, or click here.  It encapsulates my horror story that is my life in a nutshell and explains a bit more about how New Zealand Government officials tried to murder me in my home, and how gang members and other pedophiles tried to discredit me by forcing me to do things I didn't want to do and would never even dream of doing.  And they are still gas-lighting me and my beloved children.

Once Maori Government has been firmly established here in Aotearoa, we will definately be toppling New Zealand Government's tower of Babylon.  Not physically, but strategically.  It will affect their trading relationships with other countrys, it will cause people to think twice about who and what they are really loyal to, it will save our poor people from living cold on the streets, it will heal many of our criminals from the racist hypnosis of the pedophilia movement and so much more.  We need a loving, honest and caring government with integrity.  WE WILL PUT AN END TO NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENTS DEPOP (depopulation) AGENDA AGAINST MAORI!!!!

Our indigenous Maori People Of The Country Of Aotearoa now known as New Zealand, are being forcefully governed by a population of racist anti-Maori people from other countries who have largely wiped out our civilization and home to many of our native animals, plants and wildlife including our native "Kiwi". As a direct consequence of this, I have founded the Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008, and I am collecting signatures to establish M.O.A. - M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa, and effect the Global Maori Movement, which is the reforming and rehabilitation of criminals. Essentially to bring this about, we will be using a combination of Maori healing techniques, and seeking permission from other peoples to share some of their unique healing techniques.

New Zealanders are also trying to claim that we Maori people were not the first people to settle here in AOTEAROA but we are and were. They couldn't say Ma-ori properly, so they called us "Mori-ori", and then claimed we were two different people. But we see through the lies, and we even see through the lies that other post Maori settlers are also telling, claiming they were here before us. Whether or not this be true, they have no proof other than to continue the bold lies told by racists to cheat us Maori out of our land. Well we are not accepting those lies, yet we gladly share our land with those trying to cheat us out of our inheritance!!! We stand strong, and we stand proud as the first settlers of Aotearoa New Zealand!!!!

New Zealanders latest cunning ploy to wipe out the last of our civilization, is to declare our Maori Marae (native houses) unfit for use and subsequently fit for destruction.

I am therefore collecting monies through the kindness of people like you, to restore the integrity of our Marae that gives life to our communities and to our friends of all races, and that includes you.

It is my hope, wish and dream, to use our Marae to house, clothe, feed, sleep and heal the lives of every cold, lonely and hungry person that walks through our doors no matter what country you are from, and provide three meals per day, all funded by donations. We offer a home away from home - Maori Styles.

We will especially focus on helping children who are forced to runaway from home due to the very serious child abuse and pedophile problem we have in our country that is exponentially affecting all nationalities living here. The problem is widespread, and it has affected both young and old.

We are therefore in need of places of rehabilitation for those affected, so that we can run concentrated healing sessions and reform our criminals after a 250+ YEAR history of being raped, abused and murdered as children, adolescents and adults, by racist New Zealanders who demoralised our people and who are still executing systems of "legal" genocide against indigenous Maori today through their governmental systems, while their false media claims that we Maori are the problem, and continue to highlight our crimes, while covering their own crimes that include networking pedophiles. Perhaps their greatest accomplishment of all is to make everything appear as though everyone is happy and safe in our country, yet this could not be further from the truth.

New Zealand Government denies that our countries problems are this bad, while too many serious cases of child abuse are being swept under the carpet, and the sexual predator problem is largely ignored with NZ Government stealing away our children and placing them into families where the children are unloved, and unprotected from the sexual predators saturating their Child Youth and Family System.

Toward that end, we will be using our Marae to effect the healing process for those people affected by this mental and emotional illness of pedophilia and child abuse, whilst ensuring 24/7 security to keep all children safe while our criminals evolve through the healing process to become authentic members of The Global Maori Movement.

All funds will go towards stabilizing the structural integrity of our Marae all over the country, implementing systems to generate ongoing income through various business ventures with a focus on tourism, tour guiding, and hospitality, and so much more.

So welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand, and come to experience our beautiful piece of the earth, our deeply spiritual culture, our earth cooked food, and our strong but loving people in a 100% safe environment secured by Global M.a.o.r.i. - Men and women Against Oppression, Racial Genocide, and Indifference - people who stand up for what is righteous but loving - see www.globalmaori.info for details.

Thank you for your very kind support, and we will even gladly accept moral contributions like spreading good words about what we are doing here in AOTEAROA NZ.

Nellie Morton
M.a.o.r.i. President
MOA - M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa NZ
+64 (0) 21 044 5790

*VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Today's date is 26th August 2016. Time is 1:34am. This message is for my deeply loved daughter who tried to call me on my mobile phone back in the year 2011 or 2012. Angel, I'm deeply sorry I was so rude and nasty to you on the phone and in my texts, but I thought you were this person named Nicole who was being rude and nasty to me your mum at that time. Please forgive me my beautiful girl, I thought she had sunk to a new low level and was pretending to be my daughter to be cruel to me. Baby, please forgive me. I NEVER meant to be mean to you, and when I think about the hurt that I made you feel, I feel like I am drowning in a deep sea of heartbreak because I do not see you as my adopted daughter even though you are. I see you and your sisters as my real daughters. Baby girl, I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me anymore, it was a genuine mistake baby... I have been missing you girls ever since Ernest (my evil brother) sneaked into my home and stole all you girls from our home at 546 Whangaparaoa Road where you were all hiding from dangerous pedophiles like Ernest Morton. It took me a long time to figure out that he had stolen you girls, because of all the stress and trauma of what I was going through at the time.I was also under hypnosis baby after I too was stolen from my home and drugged and hypnotized by a European man and a couple of his friends. This is no joke baby, it is the truth. I have been missing all you girls so very badly ever since Ernest stole you girls from me after I called my sister Mere to help me save you all. And I know that my brother Carey aka Tahi was in on it too. I wish to God I had never called my sister for help knowing now what they did to you girls. And yes, Mum knows about your babies, my beautiful grandchildren. I'm so sad without your love baby... please forgive mum's mistake and please love me again. I feel like I am drowning in a very deep sea of heartbreak without your girls love in my life... and if you don't forgive me for thinking you were someone else on the phone, then I won't either. I love you so very much baby, and I love all you girls like you are my own flesh and blood because to me... you are. I miss you all so badly. I'm so sorry that my words of love to you all were so short in my affidavit, but that is because my daughter who I gave birth to is the love of my life, and that is now how I feel about all of you. But I have loved you girls like that ever since you all came into my life. I know what Ernest has been doing to you girls baby, I've seen it in my spirit sight or psychic ability if you like to call it that. And I know that some of it happened because he hated the fact that you girls loved me, and because of what happened in the past, and because of Papa Tahi's documents that he left for me. But mostly Ernest did these things because he became evil and knows how to hide it from the public. He abused me badly for six out of seven years baby... that's why I ran away from him. And Carolyn let him abuse me. She didn't call the cops once. Please call me when you get this message. I love you Angelface, and I never stopped loving you like one of my other girls said she never stopped loving me too. Please call me baby, my number is 021 044 5790 or (09) 424 2170. I'm waiting for you girls to call me Angel... when you realize that I NEVER meant to hurt you baby girl of mine... I love you more than anything in this world. And to my friends reading this, please read my affidavit below to find out the story behind this message. The good news is, the New Zealand courts now have bona fide proof that my psychic ability is true and legitimate. That will help me prove what has happened to you girls.  Kisses and hugs for all my girls xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Okay.... lets start to unfold my case that is currently before the Manukau District Court:

My dear friends, my beloved children, and my deeply loved grandchildren...

TRUTH is still the truth, even if NO ONE believes it.  A LIE is still a lie, even if EVERYONE believes it.


Merry Christmas 2015 my beautiful Sharlize, my other beautiful children and precious grandchildren.  Here is the affidavit we have all been waiting for.  

First is the Cover Letter, next is the Master Affidavit 2015.  Click on these links, read them, print them off if you can, and take these documents to Child Youth and Family or Police, and tell them I have written these documents so you can come home to me.

To talk to me your mum, click here.  Before reading the following story, please be advised that some of my dates and ages presented in the following information differ slightly from the information containted in the affidavit (see link above), due to the fact that I was still processing my memory recall when I wrote the information below, so please take the information in the affidavit above as the most accurate that I can get it until I am able to access medical reports etc.  Thank you for your patience.

This... is Shaaliyah.  Her legal birth name is Penelope Chardyn Katariina Iosefa-Pulman.  The lastname was a misprint - it was supposed to be Pulham which is my mothers maiden name.  The truth is, I wanted to get to know her personality before I named her, so today I call her "Sharlize Fushia Morton" or just "Sharlize", but I haven't seen her for approximately eight years.  I'm missing her like she is my only child, and I love her so much more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life.  As you can tell, I did not settle on a name for her until she was older.  I even called her Brooke for a short while.  It is with only the deepest sorrow that I must report to the public that Sharlize is missing, and right now, is likely growing up in another family that has had dealings with CYF's Orewa.  By the way, if you see Sharlize's name spelt Chalise anywhere else on this website, or in my other written work, that's because I've changed the spelling of her name from Chalise to Sharlize for reasons that I will only explain to Sharlize my daughter you see here below.  And besides that fact, I have another non-biological daughter named Chalise who was forced under the Mental Health ACT like me.  No, we are not crazy - we are elite human beings who have been maliciously lied about to the police by the pedophiles  and child abusers of this case.  Look out for my Affidavit of 2015 coming soon.  I am writing it to have all my daughters both biological and non-biological - returned safely to me, and all the child abusers and pedophiles of this case - apprehended and sentenced accordingly.

In 2006, Sharlize was illegally taken from me (abducted) when she was only three years of age, by a Child Youth and Family CYF Approved Care-giver during a play-group at the Orewa Town-hall after I left her with a parent from the group.  The kidnapper is a very tall European woman with grey hair and I have seen and spoken to her in the Orewa community a few times with young Maori girls.  This CYF Approved Care-giver was part of this group, and she had in her care, another little girl around the same age as Sharlize, who was three years old at this time.  Today, she will be going by a different name, as this woman who stole my Sharlize from me, slipped her into the clothes, and the life of the little girl she swapped her with, who is also Maori.  Sharlize is part Samoan, part Maori, part English too as my mother Ulm was half English.  Sharlize grew into a very smart, intelligent, and beautiful little girl even at three years of age.  Like me, she has a beautiful softly spoken voice, and an equally beautiful singing voice.  Sadly, due to the extreme abuses her and I and her non-biological sisters have had to endure, our singing voices have been adversely affected, however I understand that with singing coaching, this may be corrected.  Confidence in all areas of life can often help to enhance our singing ability.  Babygirl, you used to amaze me with your singing when you were little... your voice is the voice of an angel xoxox  

At only eight months of age, Sharlize began going through the process of Precocious Puberty, and she had all the symptoms.  Precocious Puberty is when a child's body prepares it'self for sexual reproduction at an early age.  In Sharlize's case, this happened to her at an extremely early age.  She is a scientific anomalie.  At two years of age, or possibly when she just turned three, Sharlize became pregnant, and had her baby towards the later end of age three, after she was brutally raped by D M (name suppressed until affidavit is filed in court) while we were living at The Nautilus in Orewa, where I endured the most racist treatment I have ever endured, from most of the residents that lived at The Nautilus with me.  During my ultrasound scan, it was detected that Sharlize's internal organs were more advanced than other unborn babies... at her stage of development.  Sharlize's baby was delivered by the CYF Approved Care-giver who deliberate stole Sharlize from me, after she heard me talking about writing a case to court about Sharlize's pregnancy.  And yes, we rang the police after D M raped her.  Shaleze was also raped in the bottom by one of the staff members at the day care centre at 3 Blue Heron Rise in Whangaparaoa.  Sharlize has rape scarss in both her front and back private parts, like me her mum, and many other rape victims, as I too was raped when I was six years of age by my brother.

For those of you who find 'child pregnancy' hard to believe... click on this link.  You will note that a child's reproductive organs can start developing from the age of 2.5 years old.  In actual fact, Sharlize became impregnated when she was still a tender two years old, but closer to age three.  I myself, had my first baby at age six years old.  I am Sharlize's mother, and as you will read further down this page, I have suffered from a daily form of intermittent amnesia my whole life.  There are many people who will think I'm delusional about this true story, but I assure my readers, this is 100% fact.

To the woman who abducted my daughter... Lady, if my analysis of the facts are correct, then I know your name is Sharron, you are married to Gary, you are a CYF Approved Caregiver, you are raising my grandchild, and you are the same CYF Approved Caregiver that 'Charlize' (not the girl you swapped my daughter with), stayed with after she too was taken by Child Youth and Family due to false and malicious police informants that saw Charlize taken from me too.  So if you're reading this, please... please... please allow me some contact with my little girl and my grandchild.  I used to suffer from Trauma Reactive Memory Delay with associated panic attacks, and that is why I got confused when you tried to return my daughter and grandchild back to me.  I don't believe you took her innocently, otherwise you would have gone to the police to explain what happened - but you didn't.  And I know you over-heard me that day, talking to another mum about writing an affidavit to court about my beloved daughters pregnancy.  This photo below shows you a snapshot of just how deeply I loved Sharlize when she was little..., (and still do), and I just want to be able to give her a hug and tell her I love her.  If you can do that for me..., I promise you... I will forgive everything.  I just want her back in my life.  I pray to the spiritual powers that be that you did not harm her, or murder her, or hurt her in anyway, but I know that's too much to hope for.  I just want to be able to have some contact with her until such time as I am able to hopefully have the courts validate my affidavit.  

Babygirl... if you're reading this... my life is an empty shell without you in it.  I want you to come back home to me where you belong, and we can start our lives over.  I miss and love you soooo deeply.  I have never loved anyone this much in my life ever before.  You mean the world to me still....  I believe you're still alive... you're twelve (12) years old now... and you've got your mother's good looks - no matter what they have done to disfigure you.  Your real birthdate is the 6th of May 2003.  And remember, me your mum's name is Nellie Morton.  Mum's midwife who helped me give birth to you, was Jill Harnett - there's a photo of her further down this page.  If you can, please call me on 021 044 5790, or you can call me at (09) 424 2170.  My email is iigmu.moa@gmail.com, or you can Skype me at NellieakaChanel2012.  I can't begin to tell you just how bad I feel for suffering the memory loss that kept our lives apart these past eight years.  But I remember now, and I want you back home with me where you belong, and I want your baby back home with us too.  For those of you who do not understand the anomaly of Child Pregnancy... please keep reading.  For those of you who can help me with information... please contact me.  And don't worry my babygirl, DNA tests can prove to the world that you are my biological daughter.  I carried you in my womb, I gave birth to you.  "You and me" - remember that?

Here is a video of Sharlize when we lived at The Nautilus in Orewa which as I now understand is called Ramada Suites Nautilus.  I don't believe children carry their babies as long as adults do.  

  • This is the little girl that the CYF Approved Caregiver swapped Sharlize with, and this was me thinking she was my little girl.  With the regard to the girl on the slide, my little girl would have slid down the slide when I said 'ready go'.  But this little girl didn't.  She was not intune with my like my daughter was, nor did she recognize this new name I was calling her.  For the next eight years, I thought this was my daughter, while at times knowing that she wasn't, but I couldn't for the life of me (or my beloved daughter)... remember what had happened.  All I knew, is that this little girl's skin colour looked a bit darker than my daughter, and she was not responding to her name the same way as my own little girl used to. The bond with my beloved daughter... was severed through confusion... the kind that was to last for the next eight years.  How heart-breaking is that. 

I remember the day I came back from town to find another little girl wearing my own child's clothing.  I had a mini heart-attack.  I was truly shocked.  I asked around with the few mums that were left, but no one saw anything.  All I know from this stand-point, is that this woman Sharron would have had to have taken my daughter into the toilets to swap her clothing with the other little girl.  Mistake my ass.

  • Anyway, here is another video with the little girl that my daughter was swapped with.  In this video, I turned the camera on me for a little bit, which will help my little girl recognize me - hopefully....  Even though I was calling her Sharlize, this precious little girls skin colour is a bit darker than Chalise, but they looked similar.  Can you see why in addition to my MEMORY LOSS IMPEDIMENT (see below)..., I was so damn confused???  They looked somewhat similar.  No doubt, the CYF Approved Caregiver who stole her, will use this as her excuse. 

Here is a photo of The Nautilus where we lived for three and a half years, from 14th July 2004, until 28th October 2007.  I have a few photo's of Sharlize where she used to walk around the podium level of The Nautilus, and play.  We moved to this building for security as I had caught my previous landlord holding my daughter by the compost bin, with her nappy off, which he had removed.  (I am certain his intention was to rape my daughter).


This is the pool that my daughter almost drowned in at The Nautilus, when we were having a playdate with Robin Griffiths and her daughter.  My Sharlize was floating in her swimming ring, and while my back was turned, she slipped out of her swimming ring.  I screamed and ran to save her.  She had been under the water about 45 seconds as best I can gather, but it could have been longer.  When I lifted her up for air, she gasped like she was almost out of breath, and that seconds longer, and she would have drowned.

This is Sharlize around about the age she was stolen from me.  She was so beautiful.  People would always compliment me and her, on how beautiful she was.  She looks like me when I was little.  My sisters used to be so very jealous of my beauty when I was little.  When Shaleze used to walk with me, people would gasp at how pretty she was.  I used to dress her in Babie doll dresses and princess fairy dresses, and smart clothing.  She is the most precious gift I have ever been given in this wretched life of mine.

Sharlize is now living a life that does not belong to her, and the woman who stole her, has been disguising her using skin treatments that lighten and darken the skin, Sharlize now has a different name, and a different life.  Sharlize and I loved each other so much.  We had a deep spiritual connection with one another.  We were both psychic, and would both see visions of the future before it happened.  Shaleze would always ask me, "Mum, am I gonna be snatched?"  She would say other things too... such as... "Mum, my time with you is gonna be short".  When Shalleze was around seven months old, she would cry 20 times during the night, she would say words like "white people", "Gary", "ghosts", "art", and more.  Believe it or not, on the first day of her birth, she spoke the words, "I love you Nellie", three times.  My midwife Jill Harnett heard my beloved daughter speaking these words.  I miss my daughter like she is the only person in this world that means everything to me, and I am still inlove with her even today.  I miss her like the desert misses the rain.  I am not a whole person without her.  Shalleze is my everything, she is my all.  And so are the other children that I came to live, when Sharlize went missing from my life.  It is for their lives too, that I am writing an affidavit to court as we have all been through alot together, and we are bonded forever.

This is Sharlize and my midwife Jill Harnett below:

Like me, Sharlize's skin changes hue like a cameleon.  We are brown, but some days our skin is lighter, and somedays especially when cold, our skin colour goes darker - moreso in the sun of course.  Our skin colour can also be darker when we're upset a bit like white people blush when they are embarrassed, or turn greeny looking when they are unwell.  But reality is, the people hiding her, will have gone to great lengths to ensure that I do not recognize my daughter.  I've even seen one of my daughters wearing contact lenses to hide the colour of her eyes, and skin darkening treatment was also apparent thanks to this CYF Approved Caregiver who stole my daughter.  I have also seen another one of my beloved daughters at CHILD YOUTH AND FAMILY in Orewa, whose skin colour is lighter than when I remember it, but I also remember that she was quite a lighter brown when she was a baby.

This is Sharlize with her brother Arden.  Arden was kind sometimes, and a real bully to Sharlize other times, like he was a demon possessed.  Sadly, Arden too was bullied like this when he was little.  He hurt Sharlize very badly at times, and this picture reflects that reality that was always hidden from the people around us, as Arden was good at camouflaging his evilness (for lack of a better word), to his sister, just like the pedophiles who attacked my son Arden, were expert at camouflaging their evil to my son Arden.

This is me here (below) in 2015.  As you can see, I'm going grey from worry, and I'm smoking like a train wreck due to the stress of missing my daughter, and my other non-biological daughters who can confirm the truth in my affidavit, but who have probably been given Mental Health drugs to stop them from remembering (and also to stop their spiritual gifts of psychic ability).  Back on point.  I am a post sufferer of Trauma Reactive Memory Delay.  This mental impediment is a severe memory disorder that involves intermittent memory loss, relative confusion due to missing memories, and black outs.  It can affect a person on a daily basis (this doesn't mean you lose your child when shopping or forget how to drive etc.  It relates to memory loss caused by traumatic experiences).  That is why, when the CYF Approved Caregiver returned my daughter me, along with my new-born grandchild, I did not recognized my beloved daughter, and I walked away not being able to place what had happened, in context with what was happening at that time.  And I was really frightened when she tried to give me two children back.  I was just completely confused because I could not for the life me, nor the life of my daughter and grandchild, remember what had happened the week before.  The Caregiver said it was an honest mistake, but I don't believe her.  There is no way that my daughter would have put on another child's clothes without protesting - no way.  So today... my daughter Sharlize is being hidden from me, and physically disguised, and is also going by a different name - no doubt.  So her skin may be lighter, or darker today.  One thing is for sure, she has my body build.  I was born with a strong frame.  Hopefully she is the daughter of mine that tried to claim me down at Orewa Child Youth and Family in 2011.  Please babygirl, please live for you and me, and please forgive mums memory loss.  I don't suffer from this type of severe memory loss anymore babygirl... and to all my little girls out there who miss me too... don't worry, mums doing my best to save you all through the New Zealand Courts, and I will help you find your own mums too, when this case is all over, but no matter if I am your real mum or not, I will still love you like you are my own children, we are bonded forever because of what we have all been through, and I will never ever give up on any single one of you.  I love you like you are my own children and I will never let anyone take that away from us, but maybe, like me and Sharlize, you have loving parents out there that love you just as much as I love my Sharlize.  I will always love you all so deeply and that will never change.

Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, I and my children have been through alot.  I would like to sincerely and humbly apologize for all the seemingly 'illogical' rants I had previously written on this website, which I was using as a dumping ground for some of my angry thoughts and feelings, while experiencing harassment from New Zealand Government Agencies - who were not listening to me, and still bear a fist-clenching refusal to believe my truth.  They were all trying to convince me (mum) that I was mentally unstable, when all I was suffering from, was severe memory loss, and an inability to connect the missing pieces of my life puzzle correctly (because of those missing memories), which made me (mum) go through a period of severe emotional suffering.  Thankfully, most of mums memories have now returned.  Hip hip, hooraaaaaaay!!!  

(Okay, it's de-stress time.  Now might be a good time to grab yourself a cuppa, and play a back ground song.  How about the sound of rain? - right click this link, and open in new tab so you don't lose this website.  The sound of rain is one of my most favourite sounds in the world next to the sound of my beloved children's voices.  Feel free to play this link as you read through the rest of this website.)

Back on point.  I have calmed down now from the Mental Health Abuse, and getting back to being 'me', particularly as I'm remembering more of my memories of one of my triplets who were stolen from me at three years of age while she was pregnant.  Sounds crazy doesn't it.  Hard to believe isn't it.  BUT IT'S TRUE, and I love her and her two sisters more deeply than I have ever loved before.  If you know about the truth of child pregnancy, the raping of children, and unfathomable abuse like my children and I do, please contact me.  

I need people who can help support my case to court by their own similar experiences, to verify the fact of child pregnancy etc.  Needless to say, my beloved child Shaaliyah aka Sharlize (her legal name is Penelope), must be entered into the Guiness Book of Records once the fact of her 3 year old pregnancy is confirmed.  And further, babygirl, if you're reading this, mum loves you so much my heart is broken a thousand times after you were stolen from me by that child snatching European woman, and I know who she is.  That is why mum is writing to the courts because I don't know where you are (sure wish I could see where you are using mums psychic vision but it only burps sometimes now...).  I miss you so deeply I'm so heart-broken without you in my life.  I know how much you cried when they took you from me.  I'm so so so so soooooo very very sorry about mums memory loss.

And to the children who came into my life after my Sharlize was stolen... I love you all more than life itself, and I miss you all very, very, very, very deeply too.  Please talk to me if you are able to... I know they are trying to keep you hidden from me....  Those evil child abusers are going to get what's coming to them one day, mum promises you all that and more!!! 

For those of you who know what this feels like... please take a stand with me, by signing the M.a.o.r.i. Declaration Of Independence that I founded before all this harrassment started happening to me.  Click here to read and sign.  Please be advised, that M.a.o.r.i. Declaration Of Independence 2008 is for ALL Maori, and ALL Friends of Maori who are from other countries, who are living here with us.  I've been told that there are only around 1 million Maori left.

So what happened?  Well, throughout my life experience, I have discovered that very sinister things are happening behind closed doors in this country.  There is a family version of secret abuse, there is a community version of secret abuse, and there is a government version of secret abuse.  Every so often, the government version of secret abuse spills over into community, and you end up having to deal with the abuse, even when you are telling the truth!!! 

In short, we are living in a criminal society.  A criminal society is any society of people that have taken over the lands of indigenous peoples, and live their lives being totally indifferent to the suffering of those natives.  They are called racist's, and they are everywhere here in Aotearoa/New Zealand, in America, in Canada, and Australia etc.

You should want to know about this, because 'we're all sitting ducks', along with our future generations if we don't stand together to stop these abuses today - NOW.  Please sign M.a.o.r.i. Declaration Of Independence 2008 by clicking on M.a.o.r.i. D O I if you want to help ALL Maori, and Foreigner Friends Of Maori to establish a honest, moral and loving government in this country that works in tandem with New Zealand Government.  Or, you can sign the Maori Declaration of Independence being promoted by tewakamokopuna.net, as I support theirs too.

To bring you up to speed with my case... and the lies that are being told about me, here's a brief update.

I was drugged by Rodney Mental Health and the Taharoto Unit of Northshore Hospital after some rather criminal minded people in community, (who also drugged me), made false claims about me to equally corrupt New Zealand authorities (and I don't say that lightly), to hide their crimes to me and my children.  The drugs I was forced to take were so debilitating, that I suffered some delusion as a result of those drugs (which is why criminals use narcotics/drugs to distort the memories of their victims).  And make no mistake - this can happen to anyone. 

In other words, there are many types of professional criminals, including those at New Zealand Mental Health use heavy drugs/narcotics, to 'make a person delusional', and then they start calling you delusional after that, and you'll see why when you read my affidavit this year in 2015.  This is how cunning these corrupt authorities are when they are hell-bent on hiding the truth of their own guilt ridden crimes, that makes them look very bad indeed - see here by clicking on M.O.A. Government for further details.  Apart from memory loss, I was perfectly normal in the sense of being a kind and loving human being and parent who saw the need to occassionally stand up to bullshit.

This is called harrassment designed to discredit the whistle blower (in this case - me), exposing the crimes, and in this case, it is a large amount of crime by family, people in community, professionals (in many sectors of government), and government officials such as Police Officers.  The professionals involved in this case are all conspiring together to to make me out to be the lunatic, when infact they are doing their utmost to frame me as a criminal (even though I am not a criminal and have never been a criminal), simply because I am 'speaking out'.  

Their latest attack accuses me of starving one of my daughters to the point where as a 7 year old child, she was the weight of a 3 year old.  This is totally false and totally reprehensible.  Their attack before that, was to accuse me of snatching a family's child, when infact, I only made polite enquiries of the people who were holding one of my daughters hostage in their home.  They assaulted me for talking to their child, when I was merely asking if the woman the child was with, was the child's mother.  That false accusation landed me under the Mental Health ACT.  Meanwhile, they (the mother who assaulted me), had my daughter in a back room pining away for her mother.  I only approached this family because I was looking for my missing children.  Furthermore, one of my daughters walked out of their house and spoke to me.  She also waved to me when I walked past one day 'their' house one day.  Government services would like you to believe that I am delusional about this.  I AM NOT DELUSIONAL, THESE FACTS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!!  

Make no mistake people... we are dealing with a pretty serious crime ring involving the theft of children.  These criminals would like you to think that I am a dangerous child abducter.  Please do not give them the pleasure of thinking this way..., that would just add to the injustices, and you may put your own children at risk if you do not believe me.  They are trying to frame me - please believe it because it is the truth.

When I was with my natural born daughter, (one of my 'possible' triplets), we had a bond so beautiful I would be moved to tell her I loved her, and would hug her many times during the day, even when we were out shopping.  She had an amazing appetite, and she even had the confidence to sing onstage at three years of age.  This daughter of mine became pregnant at three years of age, after she was repeatedly raped by David Peter McGregor.  It is a known fact that a child's reproductive organs can develope at two and a half years of age.  She was stolen from me during a playgroup at the Orewa townhall, by a woman who is still today... a Child Youth and Family Approved Caregiver.  I know who she is, and I am writing about her to the NZ Courts in my Affidavit of 2015 in the hopes of finding my beloved child, and my other two triplets, and also the other children who came into my life over the years.

In regards to the drugs forced into me by various criminals and Rodney Mental Health, I have now healed myself from all drugging effects, and even though 'they' are still forcing me to take them, I have returned to my normal way of thinking and being as a loving mum, friend, and advocate for anti-child abuse and I take a firm stand against serious injustices, particularly, secret crime known only to the abuser, the abused, and those holding their silence, which is my special area of expose', hence this website, and my coming affidavit to New Zealand Courts, and also my next affidavit to the World Court which is going to expose alot of the corruption in the system.  Long sentence wasn't it lol.  Please be patient with my grammatical corrections which will take place as I find the time.  Very busy writing my affidavit at the moment, and I assure you, it's an emotional under-taking.  It's been eight long years since my daughter was last at home with me where she belongs, and at times, it is difficult to write as narrator rather than victim, but it can be done, as I will prove to the courts.

I am a survivor of an accute form of Memory Loss known as Trauma Reactive Memory Delay - TRMD.  It involves RMR - Repressed Memory Recall, which is the recalling of childhood trauma in later life.  It is where the mind suffers a form of intermittent amnesia.  This website helped me to recall many of the memories I lost while going through TRMD which I suffered until age 41.  I am now 43 years old and trying to pick up the pieces of my life that were broken by the serious crimes that were done to me and my children.  Truth, is therefore extremely important to me as truth helps me reclaim my authentic memory path.  

So coming up in my Affidavit 2015 (written for me and my children), is my truth as best I can recall it.  I am writing a second affidavit to the world court, about the covert and criminal operations of New Zealand Government, particularly where they are falsely accusing Maori people of having the highest rate of child abuse in the world, when they know damn well they have high child abuse among their own people, but they are just better at hiding it, because like the brotherhood of Masonic's, they support one another by not speaking out about their groups crimes.  Which is why I'm speaking out about them.

If you are able to identify with TRMD, (which is very difficult when you don't even realize you're suffering from it because memory loss clouds judgment), please contact me.  This is a very serious and real mental challenge that I am creating awareness of as I believe it affects more people than just me.  Memory loss can be extremely devastating and it has ripped my life apart.  Much to my deep seated anger, this condition is not being validated by New Zealand Mental Health, because the bigots don't like being told they are completely wrong.  They are conditioned by a criminal society to label people with derogatory and hurtful lies, than to tell the truth about a person's good character.  Such is the conditioning of a criminal society.

As a result of TRMD, I have suffered extreme forms of memory loss which was triggered by being beaten to the head and body, raped and abused from age 6 until age 16 when I was finally able to run away from the abuse of my siblings who also murdered my father, being the point at which TRMD began for me.  Rodney Mental Health doctors have only intensified my predicament and have done more to destroy my memories, rather than help me to recall them, so currently they are abusing me too - compliments of the false testimony of my siblings, and other pedophiles in community who also abused my children, and got away with it by making false claims about me.

Please therefore be patient with my gramatical errors and repetitive statements on this homepage, as I used it to collate the facts of my existence, to better recall the facts of my life, and this entire case of historical and recent abuse.  I am now writing an affidavit about all these horrific details here in 2015, in an attempt to find and save my children who were snatched from me and swapped with other children who I came to love and care for as I love my own children.  A copy of that affidavit will be posted here, so watch this space.

Urgent Notice: For my beloved children who love and miss me and are looking for me... 
to talk to mum, click here.  And click here to see photo's of your lives with me when you were younger.  I miss you all so much that behind all my smiles, is a heart break so deep it makes me love you more everyday I'm not living each day of my life with you.  But I hold you in my heart everywhere I go, and every day I wake up, I do everything in my life for you all... and that's why Mum is writing an affidavit here in 2015 for you to the Court's to make sure these bad people give you back to me where you belong.  

Today's date is 13th June 2015.  

To those of you people who have my children... I know who some of you are, and I urge you to give them back to me or there will be consequences - I promise you that on mine and my children's lives, and I mean business!!! 

On a happier note, I dedicate this song to my beloved daughter who was kidnapped by a local CYF Approved Care-giver, while my daughter was pregnant with her first child, at age three - believe it or not, it's the truth.  Babygirl, if you're reading this - this song is for 'you and me' - we were as one babe, for a moment in time.  And it seemed everlasting... that you would always be mine.  You'll have to change some of the words that don't fit with our mother and daughter bond.  I'm still in-love with you my babygirl... I know you got serious scars now, I have some scars too.  Mum's so very sorry for my memory loss and I feel like bowing my head in shame for the rest of my life, because I know how in addition to the people who harmed us, Mum's memory loss ripped our lives apart.  If I may say so very humbly... I'm healed now babygirl, and I'm fighting for you with every fibre of Mum's being.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  Let's hear it for Mariah Carey - CLICK HERE - this is our song baby... "me and you" - remember that?  I'm going to write a song for us based on that theme one day... xxxoooxxx

ATTENTION:  Would the kind European gentleman who handed me copies of my bonus bonds (on the premises of Child Youth and Family in Orewa in Nov 2011) please contact me?  These copies of my bonus bonds were confiscated from me by Deb Jones from Barnardo's in Whangarei.  Please....  I've only recently managed to overcome the total effects of forced drugging, trauma based memory loss, and hypnosis in the year 2015.  Thanking you sincerely in advance.  :-) (You wouldn't believe how many of the professionals involved in my case tried to steal mine and my father's legal documents confirming that he left all his worldly possessions to me to manage on his behalf.  Unfortunately, my siblings managed to steal most of it through my dad's lawyer.  My dad's lawyer was not at fault).  If anyone knows Mr Campbell from Dragecevich, Campbell and Lord's legal practice in Kaitaia, would you kindly contact me?  The Dragecevich, Campbell and Lord lawfirm was shut down by Auckland District Society in the early 1990's for theft of Client Monies by Mr Brian Smith.  After that, someone at IRD changed my IRD number and I'm trying to prove it.

This website is motivated by my love for my children who are now missing, and growing up in strangers families in and outiside of the New Zealand CYF's system, where they are being abused.  Some of them are inside my Morton family of siblings having to survive a daily torture, while my siblings abuse them.  That torture includes rape, sexual violation, and emotional, psychological and extreme physical abuse.  I am writing an affidavit this year in 2015, to save them all.  Hopefully, the NZ Courts accept my affidavit, and allow me to represent myself in court, as I do not have the money at this time to pay a lawyer.  When you see me out in public collecting signatures and donations for Maori Government, please be kind to me, and please support my cause.  My children and I have been through alot, so my Global M.a.o.r.i. Movement is a direct result of the abuses we have survived.  And we are not the only ones.  

We are just some of the people who have been severely abused by New Zealand Government.  To all survivors of rape, sexual perversions, extreme physical violence and often daily torture... "please... please... please... let's all unite and become a force to be reckoned with, and let's use our beautiful minds to vote the right people into our M.a.o.r.i. Government, that stands not just for Maori, but ALL Men, Women, Children and Babies, of ALL Nationalities, who have been abused by New Zealand people".  Please click on the links in the top menu to gain a more full perspective.  Much love - Nellie Morton... M.a.o.r.i. President.  Men and Women Against Oppression, Racial Genocide, and Indifference.

To my much loved children and grandchildren who still cry from the pain, and don't cry or don't tell anyone about the abuse for fear of more pain... you give this message to the child abusers from me your mum:  Whether you be male or female, every hair you pull out of my childrens head, every bang, punch and kick to their heads and body, every time you rape them, every time you are violently sexual with them, every time you bite them, every time you swear at them and slap them, every time you disguise them, cut them, burn them, and speak unkindly to them... I promise you on mine and my beloved children's lives, that if you don't start being kind to them, and make things right for them, and do your best to return them to me, and admit to me your guilt... everything you have done, I will do to you, and I promise you this, I will find you, and I will make you feel and own the pain you inflicted on my most dearly beloved children.  The only mercy I will show to you, is the mercy you show to my dearly missed children.

And to my dearly beloved children... 
Mums love is unconditional my darlings - no matter what - and I mean it!!!  To talk to mum, click here.  I miss you all so deeply I live with a broken heart every single second of every minute, of every day.  This website is also dedicated to every child on this planet, who is not loved, nurtured and protected the way they should be.  Much love my children..., arohanui to all races of children sharing our planet.

And to all of you indifferent to the suffering of others - what ever you allow to happen to someone else, especially innocent young babies and children, will eventually happen to you, or someone you really love and care about.  Maybe not this week, but definately some other time.  That is what I am trying to prevent for the year 3000 kids so please sign M.a.o.r.i. Declaration Of Independence 2008, and my petition further down this page, to help me kick start our new government because there are not many Maori people left - under one million I'm told (see M.O.A. Government in top menu).  New Zealand government are being very selective about who they are kind to, and they're killing off the rest.  And to all my friends out there... stay true, stay strong, stay forever - I mean it.  Don't wimp out on me - stand up and help me fight the war against racists and paedophiles.

Having read this far, I ask you again to please sign these petitions: 

Petition One: https://www.change.org/p/dear-new-zealand-public-please-accept-an-honest-m-a-o-r-i-government-for-all-who-choose-to-sign

Petition Two: https://www.change.org/p/our-global-community-set-up-new-indigenous-governments-in-every-country-where-a-foreign-government-prevails-both-governments-can-work-in-partnership

"This is you and me Shaleze, these memories belong to you. I just had to add some of these memories for you to remember how I used to be when you were little"

"hello my other little girls..., me your mum loves you too, but I really miss my natural born daughter very much too, like I miss you" :-D

Mum so very sorry my babygirl, this is not you hugging me here, but this little girl loves you like she loves me, and she wants you to come home to me as soon as you can.  Mum so very sorry these precious little girls replaced your life with me..., but baby... they hurting too xxxoooxxx


Please be advised that as this website was written under extreme distress, it is still a work in progress, so kindly have patience for my grammatical errors, and any unintended meanings. 

I also dedicate this website to the lady whose deep and heartfelt sobbing struck a chord of sadness within me so deep, that it changed my life forever, and was probably one of my triggers for RMR - Repressed Memory Recall - my recalling of my childhood trauma in 2007, which reset my thinking about the world I was living in, and everything in it. She was a Maori woman crying deeply and painfully, about the fact that a doctor stole her brain. "I told them not to take it, but they took it".  I remember that she was quite tall. It is one thing to feel your own pain, but quite another to hear it in another human being - right out in public, where it cannot be denied. And for all us parents who have ever lost a child, or had their spirits harmed by the selfishness of others..., or lost a body part..., or suffer impediments that like mine and my daughters have not been acknowleged by the medical arena..., and above all, the children who have met with early death due once again to our unintelligent prejudices..., I dedicate this website to you, and especially you my babygirl. May our personal powers, and our universal and spiritual sources of love and healing, guide us back to health and happiness. For me, my spiritual help is from Rangi nui me Papatuanuku. For you, it may be Jesus Christ. For her, it may be happy Buddah. For him, it may be Allah. And for others, it may just be the universal powers that love, help and sustain us - especially when we make moral and daily contributions to the moral restoration of our spirits, our lands, and our planets. And above all - don't judge - help - it makes a world of difference to the dignity of a human being.

My beloved children..., Mum is bleeding with heartbreak for you all..., and behind this smile is hope that we will all be together again.

The basic function of this website which promotes true freedom of speech and expression, is that we may all heal from long era's of harmful childhood conditioning. Too often, moral debt is passed on, where one must only ever pass on moral credit. So in this, may you find your own truth, and release from someone elses moral debt.

" May we all find our own pathway to the truth that saves our souls". 



This website..., is me writing on life. The main objective .... "to share with people what it means to be truely moral and kind in this dawn day and age of Millenium 2000, by getting back to grass roots, and basics, so 'get ready to get real' people"! Equal as we all are..., by Millenium 3000, I intend that this website will need no introduction, and will form the basis of everlasting love, compassion and humane understanding for our fellow
human being friends...

"Given the norms of cheating societies..., I am proud to say..., I am anything but". "I celebrate my uniqueness within context of equality..., and I am found 'normal' only when sound principles of compassion, humanity, scientific logic, and devotion to truth, leads the moral perspective of those who judge".

Therefore..., for sake of childrens justice, and the uplifting of racial and political policies that pay respects to the histories of racial genocide, the lost civilisations of indigenous, and the unconscionable eras of slavery - while supporting world peace and interracial harmony..............., Judge Me Accordingly.

Nellie Morton aka Chanel Matene
M.A.O.R.I. President of IIGMU and MOA

"Defending our cultural, biological, and human right to exist free from all forms of harm".

Lean on me Shaleze.., and all my other girls and grandchildren who are boys and girls... this is mums favourite version of this song.  "Love youuuuuuu..."

NB: This site is a work in progress, so feel welcome, be inspired, and keep in touch through this website - any time of the day or night!

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.