"once upon a time..., we all thought the earth was flat".  "But now, our eyes are opened to that illusion, thanks to the great sacrifices of those who have gone before us and paved the way to a greater intelligent understanding of our universe".

Welcome to the Interplanetary Interracial Global M.a.o.r.i. Union also known as "I.I.G.M.U." 

The name of our organisation - IIGMU for short (sounds like 'igloo'), stands for Interplanetary Interracial Global M.a.o.r.i. Union, and remains a very humble tribute to our astute and proud nation of astral travellers - Maori.  For Millenium, Maori have used the stars to navigate our way across vast oceans in humble canoe - hence, our arrival here in Atoearoa.

Our Mission Statement:

Mission statement:  "IIGMU is about the universal right to 'freedom from harm' for all animals, human beings, nature, and our interplanetary solar system, through the positive reinforcement of ALL our human behaviours that preserve planet earth, and life itself".

In order to effect our mission statement, we here at IIGMU promote and protect the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being of people, animals, nature and planets, by way of public oral reinforcement and vote!  Our committment to the public, is therefore, that this behaviour represents our strongest defense, and in all circumstances, we shall endeavour to adhere to this code of conduct, which akin to Aikido - remains our only defense mechanism and philosphy when dealing with breaches to our human rights!  STOP HARM WITHOUT HARM. 

The main concept to understand here is - we believe that in order to effect world peace, we must lean over to understand our very worst enemies, aiming to stop their bad behaviour - not to punish them.  Therein lies our global challenge.

Presently, I am in process of planning a proposal to all major space technologies that will enable all countries with appropriate technology, to participate in a science experiment to divert planet earth from coming to harm.  But of course, most will laugh at the very idea of such a proposal, - especially coming from a cheeky darkie like me, and of course, I will temper such lack of intellect with intellectual resignation (sigh... dreamed last night that the earth is in danger of dangerously high sea levels - but I could tell that this dream was symbolic - though very real).  Infact, higher than normal sea levels are my greatest fear at present.  Part of this proposal, will include a paper on why our waters appear to be rising, a fact which I partially attribute to the cavities left beneath the earth from oil extraction, that are caving in and sinking our techtonic plates, driving home the need for people to support Greenpeace and IIGMU efforts.  It's kinda cool.  Since I first proposed this theory, people are now speaking it back to me as quite an acceptable theory.  My favourite subject at school, despite excelling at English..., was science.  As you can see, it still is my favourite subject.  Read on my friends, to my moon craters theory.

One of my gravest interplanetary concerns right now, is that the moon may be being used for Nuclear Weapons testing.  Substantiating Facts: Note similar sizing of the symetrical shapes of many of the moon craters you see here, as compared with the various shapes and sizes of meteorites that apparently made these craters, but of course, this all depends on the speed of the meteorite/asteroid, and/or how far buried the 'bomb fuse' was.  Note the fact that it makes absolutely no sense that planet moon is apparently being hit by meteorites many more times than earth given our very similar paths of orbit around sun.  I also worry that constant space shuttle activity on the moon, has caused the moon to gravitate closer to earth, which has upset the balance of earth, moon and sun, resulting in our melting ice caps.  I am also concerned, that in the name of science, we are harming our precious planet earth.  I would like to become a member of Nasa so that I can explore and investigate these theories, but I'm too afraid of heights, so that puts that mission out of the question.  Next!!!  However..., this does not deter our IIGMU Mission:

Now see here her Majesty - Planet Earth - Queen Of Our Universe:

I have now learned, through the suffering of losing my daughter to falsified and deliberately maliciously interpreted testimony against me, that the Mission Statement for IIGMU is... believe it or not, NOT an unrealistic challenge.  Infact, it has become my very own internal belief structure.  It is therefore achieveable.  We can protect Planet Earth, Moon and Sun from Harm by the reinforcement of our moral votes.  People live, and people die..., but our beautiful earth shall remain with our eternal souls.

See now, His Honour - Royal Sun - Prince Of Darkness - Our Giver Of Life:

One of the main purposes and aims of our IIGMU organisation, is to effect a worldwide Global Moral M.a.o.r.i. Revolution aimed first and foremost at self-rehabilitation and world peace.  People willing to do what it takes to end all harm and suffering within, above, and below our precious planet earth, that without so much as a 'thankyou precious earth' in an entire lifetime, we sadly take for granted.  To find out more, see 'what does M.a.o.r.i. mean in left menu.

To give you further insight.  Interplanetary Interracial Global M.a.o.r.i. Union is an organisation represented by Good Will Ambassadors - people who have become Global Moral M.a.o.r.i., who believe passionately and whole-heartedly in devoting themselves to the main focus directives of our universal wide organisation - world peace and fair and moral trade agreements based on moral human, animal and planet rights, resulting in the bio-friendly co-existence of mankind with planet earths nature, animals, and natures people.

For example, one of the 'fights' we will take up, is the fight for Indigenous Rights for absolutely ALL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (and by the way, that includes the rights of those in power).

"Brace yourself now, for some undesireable truths - next two paragraphs":

Like every other race of people on the planet, Maori - my own indigenous identity, have equal human rights to 'figure out' our own solutions to problems, interpreting life the way we see fit within our cultural values and belief system. I assert, that provided our intentions are goodwilled, and we do not seek to harm others, while additionally basing the organisation of our people on sound and moral reasoning, scientific fact, spiritual experience and unbiased moral judgement, and deal with our people in a 'humane' manner - i do not see any good reason, why we should have to bow to our foreigner allies, doing everything they say, allowing them to take our land, take our children, and dissolve our very cultural identity before our very eyes.  Yes, I'm afraid, New Zealand Government has much to answer for when it comes to the Indigenous Rights of Indigenous Maori.

Many NZ Medical professionals don't even acknowledge the 'spiritual realities' of Maori peoples ability to see into the future - as difficult a concept as this is to accept.  To help others understand, I describe it as an extended form of dejavu.  Often, the 'seer', see's their own future - as opposed to others.  As debatable a topic as this most surely is, this is my greatest concern for our Maori people at the moment, even moreso than the task of clawing back our soverign rights.  It is bad enough that New Zealand government steals our very land and children through abuses of their legal system, but even arguably and unimaginably worse, is the fact that they steal our very minds.  Maori people are only allowed ownership of their own minds where it does not conflict with New Zealand Governments Board Of Psychiatry.  Now how shameful a fact is that? 

So how does IIGMU plan on dealing with our moral obligation to fight this oppression against Indigenous Maori?  By positive, firm, and unyielding protest, touring shows and demonstrations, acquiring 'free will' signatures, filing court cases within legal systems, and speaking out against harm, whilst also promoting the positive messages we seek to replace all negative cycles of abuse - especially the disguised ones.  Summed up - 'without violence, by oral public reinforcement and vote'.

Now look at this next photo.  See now how vulnerable we all are...?..., and how dependent we are on the unseen balance of natures powers vastly outside our control?  It's time to wake up people.  See the world for what it is - through your own eyes - not someone elses.  For all you know..., they are 'short sighted' and limited in their vision - no disrespect.

The department of our organisation that deals with human rights' aims to see every person on the planet, from every ethnic race, colour and creed, hold hands around the world in bonds of moral union and genuine moral love.  And it all starts with how I lead as a human being.  Such is my great responsibility - especially during times of genuine hardship - the true test of a persons character and will. 

I am now very familiar with the cost of 'ill human will' when used from a  position of power with the intent of revenge spawned from misplaced anger.  This is truly an animal instinct that we are all vulnerable to suffer from from time to time.  We must end this suffering, by choosing to replace our negative emotions with positive moral replacements - see Game For Life.  Far from accepting the unacceptable, I am asserting that we deal with the unacceptable by first dealing with our own unacceptable behaviours, by taking a fearless look within ourselves to see where we need changing.  Having completed this deeply intensive life changing step in the Global M.a.o.r.i. process, I am now ready to face the world as a free, independent thinker, self-defensively defiant, deeply devoted parent, and loving human being with an astute character moulded by education I hav gleaned from the terrors, and pure love experiences I've shared in growing up here in Aotearoa aka New Zealand. 

To become a Global M.a.o.r.i., and help heal the world by self initiating the reconditioning yourself, please see 'becoming a Global M.a.o.r.i.' in left menu.

Again, this is in recognition of the fact that Maori are a very spiritual people, whose authentic signature of spiritualism and credible embodiment of spritual knowledge, has been vastly unmet by NZ Authorities, resulting in the fact that over 70% of people being 'supervised, drugged up, imprisoned and quite literally abused' under the Mental Health Act are infact Maori.  I believe that as a New Age Maori Tohunga Healer, I can offer insight that will heal our people, where the NZ Medical Industry has largely failed us.

See now an outer space depiction of the colourful and radiant expression of humanity that we can all become, if we just choose morals over loyalties.

This same glory above and around us, can be seen with the naked eye in the humble Paua Shell...


Keep well my human being friends..., you too my babygirl :-D

On ground level, following are the underlying reasons for IIGMU:


Here is the source of my anger.  Maori people, are being secretly targeted by New Zealanders, and are being abused both publicly in courtrooms, and in secret.  

Case in point.  My beloved daughter, has been forced by corrupt public servants, and equally corrupt family members..., to live her life without me - her own mother. And for this, we feel the most solemn of anger a mother and child can bear.  They have drugged and forced and beaten my child to betray her very soul, 
knowing she is a child with semi-visible ailments, and therefore extremely vulnerable

Yeah, I hate the brutes for doing this to my children and I, and I hate their filthy corrupted lies.  The thing with lies among professionals, is that once one tells a lie, it's so contagious, and the lie get's carried through.  Alas, it is my job to educate them. Reveal their bigotist prejudice to them, and their gangs of unprincipled sedition. Why? So that this insanity of corrupt western ideals can end, and their pyramid system of fear and tyranny can be forgotten. So that my children's living nightmare ends for good. So that my children's children do not have to go through this horrifying ordeal recognized as 'people cheating the system due to prejudice and self gain'. So that my own children can receive the understanding that this crazy, unscrupulous, and cheating western society owes them. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! 

This FACT OF GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION, WHETHER IT BE SECRET OR PUBLICISED, is so important reader, because this is how they are killing people today - by separating families like they have done to to many people here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and ACTUALLY caused ailment..., and death.

CASE IN POINT: A friend of mine said she was taken from her mother when she was a little girl, and her mother died as a result of it. This is how extreme the pain of separation can be. For people going through such hard times as I and my daughter are..., I recommend this organisation: www.panic.org.nz for people living here in Aotearoa NZ. I have not had any dealings with them, however, I have skimmed through their website, and on the face value of things, they seem to be just the help some people need. Thank you "Panic".  Actually, cancel that, Panic did not contact me back when I requested their help by email.  Natural bias?  No doubt! 

Racial Genocide

No matter how far back this moral debt of racial genocide and the taking over of peoples lands..., the motive to destroy those without a strong defense mechanism still exists and prevails today - such is the mentality of war mongers who pass this trend of death dealing onto generations to come.  The motive is called status domination - white supremacy, the decline of the natives, and racial sterilization.  It is a moral debt that must be paid in full, by restoring to the natives, that which was stolen, particularly given the huge profits being made from that land theft today.... THESE ARE CRIMES TO HUMANITY THAT RESULT IN RACIAL and M.a.o.r.i GENOCIDE.  THIS IS ENTIRELY RELEVANT, AND EVIDENT WHEN WE MAP THE EVIDENCE OF RACIAL GENOCIDE AMONG THE ABORIGINIE OF VARIOUS COUNTRIES.  Watch James Cameron Avatar for further insight and perspective.  

The motive is land and race supremacy, and exacting race and status hate behind the guise of legal alibi - is their right - apparently.  These facts are evident among Maori, Aboriginie from Australia, Red Indian from Canada and America, and today, we are expected to smile and nod while these unforgiables continue.  If we get angry about them as we should, we are locked into punishment.  Such reveals what in my view, are the motives of many courtroom judges throughout the world, and we are expected to respect them for it, while they take our children and disparage our good reputations from good, loving and astute parent, to 'child abusers' - to counter their reputation as 'racists'.  It is thanks to them, that on the face of things, I profile as a child abuser - statistically speaking.  But I am not a child abuser.  I am a victim of child abuse, and child abuse statistics which I believe have been engineered by people who hide their hate of natives - the rightful owners of the land here in Aotearoa.  Truth is, I do not see myself as a land owner, and couldn't care less about owning land.  I see myself as a land protector - a guardian, because that is what the child abuse argument is about - 'land'.  Furthermore, I care more about my children, and securing their longevity.  Keep the land.  All I want is acknowledgement that our land here in Aotearoa NZ was stolen from us, how it was stolen from us (by burning Maori villiages and people alive, and NZ Government's acknowledgement that they have been targeting Maori via secreted racial genocide even as I write these words, along with our ability to even have children in many cases.  Just let my children and honest M.a.o.r.i. (see Global M.a.o.r.i. Revolution further down for the definition of M.a.o.r.i., or see left menu of this page) be free and safe from NZ government engineered harm God damn you unprincipled gangs of sedition! 


CASE IN POINT:  I was told by a local in Orewa, that in the 1950's, a village of Maori people living near or in Sebastion Point, were burned alive in their homes because they would not move into purpose built state housing designed to convert Maori from their culture to European culture.  Their screams could be heard from Queen Street in Auckland City - a good five kilometers away (approximately).  This is they type of treatment that New Zealand Government often bestow Maori even today, evident by the statistics that have seen Maori decline in all facets of society.  However, we forge ahead, making important gains that re-write the history of our people in our own land of Aotearoa, currently known as New Zealand. 

The fact of racial genocide, and the theft of land, people and souls..., becomes a very powerful motive to harm others when it comes to protecting the offenders reputation, in order to continue to posess that which was stolen. It IS western societies most common and enthusiastically pedalled 'cycle of abuse' - you feel me you ignoramuses pretending pious while hurting my child in secret? I will weed you out, and I will hold you accountable for hurting my little girl with your god damned indifference to her suffering, and your direct abuse of her precious being.  God damn you all!!!

SECOND CASE IN POINT:  I was also told that the Maori settlements on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, were cleared off by waiting for strong winds, and then burning down one side of the peninsula, while the strong winds swept the flames from one side of the peninsula to the other.  This is how white people came to be living on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula today.  It is therefore logical to conclude, that this is how much of our Maori land was confiscated from us, resulting in New Zealand Government's refusal to 'give it back!'  Again.  This lack of conscience confirms the type of treatment that my daughter and I have received from Child Youth and Family.  I curse all the filthy liars, racists, haters and cheaters in my case 1000 times, but above all, I curse those who have laid their disgusting child abusing hands on her.  I've seen slap marks on my daughter's legs, belt marks on her head, arm and back, and I have also seen evidence of my daughter's hair being pulled out at Barnardo's.  Their lies and bold deceptions have kept me apart from my daughter for two years on 10th September 2012.  She was taken on 10th September 2010.  I hate them!

Such is the plight of Maori people under this foreign NZ Control.  Read this chapter of my book I'm writing for further perspective - and some perspective on who I am.  They have taken our land, killed off many of our people, driven others to levels of insanity, and they lie to the world to make this look like sanity.  It's all subtle abuse made to look legal - so you can't see it, and never question it. Yet it kills more M.a.o.r.i. than any of us would believe. It is like having an invisible enemy - but mum sees it Charlize, and many other people see it too. 

Bad news aye Charlize. But don't worry, we can handle it, and convert all this negative energy to positive energy. That is why Charlize..., I believe you will one day be heralded as one of the greatest human beings to walk this earth for many different reasons. I feel your pain Charlize, so I will try to give you some reasons to be happy when you can.  And yes, I know you have to defend yourself from the attacks of cruel adults, adolescents, and children, and you cannot begin to imagine how angry mum is about this - actually, you can.  This is your time to speak the truth of these matters baby.  NZ society is generally a dog eat dog world, and their system is extremely corrupted by people who act outside their powers and abuse children behind their professional profiles.

Nellie Morton aka Chanell Matene-Motene
Fully qualified Global Moral M.a.o.r.i. member of IIGMU - just like my dad - Tahi Wiri Matene/Morton, and my daughter Charlize Morton - the most noble examples of Global M.a.o.r.i. I have ever had the honour and privilege of loving in my life.

The planetary images you see here on this page were sourced from www.freeimages.co.uk compliments of Nasa in America - National Aeronautics and Space Administration - the most interesting under-taking 'off the planet'.  The picture of the Paua (shame is wasn't shown on sand), is sourced from a Royalty Free Stock Photograph Website

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.