SHERLOCK & WHATS-HIS-FACE :-D When I first wrote this article, I generally believed it. Now..., having experienced the 'cheating' of CYF.. I question statistics that marr Maori as Child Abusers as being 'engineered' by the powers that be. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

My fellow Maori, New Zealanders, and International Friends.  There is an evil going on in our country that is so real I am sacrificing everything I have to make people aware that it is going on, and I have been dealing with overwhelming levels of racism and harrassment from New Zealand Government's most principle ministries as part of the battle to expose these injustices to many Maori Men, Women and Children whom I care about deeply.

New Zealand Government Was Created By White People - FOR White People.  New Zealand Government is therefore a RACIST GOVERNMENT.  New Zealand Government has been ethnically cleansing Maori people from our land here in Aotearoa New Zealand for the past two centuries.  At the moment, having sucessfully wiped out many of our people... they are now targeting our children through their Ministry of Social Development, compliments of Child Youth and Family.  They are saying, that Maori have the highest rate of child abuse in the world.  Not only is this not true, it is part of their clever covert operation to tell the world, that "we deserve their ethnic cleansing of our people, whilst they promote that 'their New Zealand' (our stolen land), is 100% Pure New Zealand.  This could not be further from the truth.  New Zealand Government has so much blood on their hands, and they lie like snakes to hide it.

Take for example, this photo:

These Maori Men, were some of our greatest warriors of our time.  When they stood up to the confiscating of our land by New Zealanders here in Aotearoa, these Men were hung publicly, their corpses were cut down, cement was poured over them, and the Mount Eden Prison was built on top of them.  Years later, their bodies were removed from that unfathomable burial ground by some of our great Maori Tohunga.  Now I ask you.  How does a government guilty of such acts of racism, get away with promoting a 'clean, green, 100% pure New Zealand?  Only by their words - not by their actions, and certainly not through their historic acts of terror that are still going on today in this modern day and age, through their most principle ministries - Ministry Of Justice, Ministry of Health (including and especially their New Zealand Mental Health Act that is guilty of murdering many of our Maori people by drugging them with Mental Health drugs - it is true, over 70% of people forced under the Mental Health ACT were Maori), Ministry of Social Development, and their law enforcement - Ministry Of Police.

The following was done to us by the people of England.  Back when this happened, they were known as the 'British'.  They took over many lands, those land's resources, and also the people of those lands.  It wasn't enough to kill us.  They wanted trophe's, which indicates just how brutal, unconscionable, and cut-throat they really were, and still are today behind closed doors of government.  You will notice that some of them look like they belong to the heads of our children.  And look at this pompous individual with his pure arrogance by the way he sits and holds our own mere in his right hand.  Such attitudes still preail today long after these Maori men and women were beheaded.

Moving forward.

"Wanna know New Zealand Government's motto on stealing?"  "It's okay to steal, so long as you don't steal it back from us after we've stolen it".  Okay, so that's more sarcasm rather than humour, but still - it's the truth.  New Zealand Government stole our land, and today rubs their hands with glee as they steal our Maori children, and then abuse them in secret against their cleverly laid plan that perceives Maori as having the highest rate of child abuse in the world.  Nice one New Zealand!  (More sarcasm).  But is this the truth?  Or is this purely a reflection of the racist society in which we Maori live?

Here is a chart of the land theft.  From there, you can get a very systematic picture of how 'they' (the people running and voting in New Zealand Government every year), are literally taking Maori people hostage in our own country, and they have a very legitimate excuse for taking our children by causing people to abuse their children by inflicting circumstances of perfidy, rape and pilliage on our Maori civilisation, and are thus exacting a very clever form of racial genocide.  Here's how it looks.  The same depiction can be made of our people so factor that in, exactly how it looks on this chart, but imagine the dark red/brown is people.  This is what they have done to us.  

As for the Racial Genocide of our Gentle Maori that turns Warrior on ya ass when under threat to life?  This is a photo of the view on Elliot Street in Auckland City.  I'm acutely aware of what a large scale accusation it is to report that New Zealand Government officials were burning people underground where the ventilation system came up through the Auckland District Courts, but I would never even suggest such a horrifying revelation if I did not believe that they have both the motive, and the means.  In addition to that... there is a more than high probability that this is true when you combine all the facts that lead one to this conclusion.  After investigating this in 2005 when my triplets were only two years old (but only one was living with me at the time...), I could reach no other conclusion.  Read my petition on the homepage for details.  I will be uploading a video of my findings soon on youtube.  This is very real - I assure all you sheeple - no offense intended, merely a term used to wake people up to the fact that crime is going on right under our noses.  


It is true, a truck used to pull up on this street every week day around 4pm, bodies were unloaded in a small truck, a long steel vat containing the bodies were wheeled out of the truck, down an incline, and then around 4:30-5pm, the Auckland District Courts started billowing out black smoke that smelled of strong chemicals which were used to disguise the smell of the burning flesh.  Shops along this street used to have to clean their windows every day because the black smoke was so thick.  Meanwhile... the sheeple did nought.

The stairs you see, are where I believe the incline used to be in 2005 when I first stumbled upon this MASSIVE COVER-UP. The idiot's think that stairs are enough to cover this up - they're wrong.  This is why I'm promoting a new government in this country. This is how crooked New Zealand Government Judges, professionals, and officials are. This is why I am writing an affidavit to the World Court, to report these facts, and more about what is really happening to children under the CYF's and Mental Health system.

Possibly even worse, is that the people who know this type of racist genocide exists, will play dumb. 
But I won't. Nor will those who believe me about all the missing children, babies, teenagers and adults, many who didn't even get a chance to reach the age of one. 
But the guilty ones will say "she's crazy".

Did you know that one of the main ways that New Zealand Government stole our land from us, was through burning our Maori people alive.  That's what happened here on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula that I live on.  They waited for strong winds, and then lit fires down one whole side of the peninsula and watched the strong winds blow the flames over the Maori villages and Pa that once proudly stood here.  They also burned Maori alive in their Marae because they wouldn't move into purpose built state housing.  That was their punishment.  These and more mark the true history that racist New Zealanders are hiding from the world.  Welcome to the world of Maori where we live on our knees hoping the racist's in our country don't steal our babies and rape and abuse them once they are in government hands.  And it gets worse - the more you learn.  Be brave my truth warriors, and you will arrive at that place of acceptance.  It's only when your there, that you can figure out and see the solutions.

New Zealand Government are the very criminals they promised to protect us from.  Yes thats right folks, im talking about criminals that are also running the inside of New Zealand Prisons, and New Zealand Mental Health Institutes, where more people walk in, than walk out, and even more are subjected to secret tortures.  
In other words, they are a racist pack of liars that gang up on innocents.  One by one, they are quite literally pack raping us using the law to do so!!!  

New Zealand Government was founded by dangerous criminals who are part of a cult organisation that finds fulfilment in raping torturing and murdering niggas of their wealth, land, children, and money.  But there are also some very decent, kind, and caring New Zealanders.  It is to them, that I look to for help.  

However, in the face of New Zealand Society, white people here in our country have more than over-taken Maori, and further, that the racial genocide of our people continues to flourish here behind closed doors, compliments of New Zealand Government's Social Services, thanks to those in power, who are racist against Maori.  I refer to such people as the people who believe in 'white superiority'.  And yes, I have children who are whiter than other white people I know, and I love them, as I love myself, but moreso my beloved daughters - and my sons.  I fight for them, as I fight for all my children.  I love them, as I love all my children, though I reserve a special love for some who have been through a hell from racist bullying, that most people don't even know exists, which brings me to my next point - racist torture.

Sorry for the terrifying photo's folks but we ALL have to square onto the truth of what is happening to our children in the world, ESPECIALLY HERE IN ATOEAROA NEW ZEALAND.  This child below has been brutally butchered and the police are doing nothing about the similar crimes happening here in our country.  The whistle blowers get shut up under the New Zealand Mental Health ACT as I have been... and the abuse gets covered up.  This pattern of cover-up has been trending in the UK too.  Under Maori Government, our Police Warden's will do our best to ensure that ALL crimes to children are held accountable, and that there will be consequences for every act of abuse.

This sweet innocent child could be anyone of our daughters and at the time of this photo, was still alive and breathing.  She had to feel every cut of the butchering of her body.  Now feel her pain... :-(  I almost cried for four days straight, but my spirit cries for all eternity in my soul.  Three of my daughters have felt some of her pain through a series of night time attacks that we had to sustain while living at 546 Whangaparaoa Road in Whangaparaoa.  I believe that what happened to this precious little girl has been happening in our country of Aotearoa NZ ever since racist people tried to destroy us.  I have uploaded this photo of her because she looks like she could be of Maori descent.  And if she is... there is no stone that I will leave unturned to find out who these unconscionable killers are.  And when I find them, I will send them to the same hell they have inflicted on this precious little girls young body... in a court of law.

This next child looks dead.  Imagine the pain this dear little baby boy felt as they burned and tortured him all over his body, and sliced his stomach open.  The indescribable pain he must have felt?  How badly do we feel when we burn our thumb or finger while cooking with hot oil?  How unfathomable his pain.  Please imagine how he felt:

Look at the way his leg is contorted and how his whole body is mutilated!!!  Poor baby, this is why I am going after these PRICKS!!!  They must be made to feel the same pain they inflict!!!  POKOKOHUA!!!!!  I will get justice for all these innocents, or die trying.

If you know enough of the truth that I am talking about on this website, and to those of you who support me, and to my friends who know what it feels like to be raped, and/or abused and/or strangled or tortured... please sign here.

EXPOSING SECRET FORMS OF ABUSE IS NOW THE MAIN THRUST OF M.O.A. The saddest fact of secret abuse, is that I believe, that for centuries, Maori people have been tortured by 'others', who demand that we BETRAY OUR VERY SOULS, CULTURE AND LANGUAGE TO PERFORM THE DUTIES OF FOREIGNER CONTROL.  SAME AS THE WELSH, SAME AS THE ABORIGINIE, SAME AS THE NATIVE AMERICANS AND MORE.... And on top of that, they steal our psychic abilities through drugs and abuse, and repeated injury while the many stone age racists in this world display a stone cold indifference.  Psychic ability in mine and my daughters version of it, works to a timing and magic of it's own. It cannot be forced. And no amount of manipulation, abuse or torture will change this face.

Welcome to M.O.A. and our National Maori Flag  :-)

M.O.A. stands tall and proud for:

M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa

The Moral Government Of
Aotearoa & New Zealand

New Zealand Government may rate as one of the least most corrupt governments in the world, but those statistic's are TOTALLY FUCKING wrong AND COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  Internally, due to the lies told by many who claim professionalism, they are extremely unfaithful to those they owe professionalism.  See www.kiwisfirst for some insight.  See also NNL - News Not Lies, AND C.S.I. - Crime Scene Investigation for further insight. I am not attacking NZ Government, and hope to one day work with NZ Government to adress the lack of integrity.  I am revealing the lies and the cover-ups that enable people to hide such lies behind bold denials.

M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa, (which means the Moral Government of Aoteroa and New Zealand..., is not only about Indigenous Maori.  As the name Moral Government of Aotearoa and New Zealand suggests, it is about all people suffering when the
current government system literally fails and deliberately cheat's it's people.

Remembering the meaning of M.a.o.r.i. as detailed early on the homepage, this means that both Maori and Pakeha (foreigners), can hold hands when it comes to making Aotearoa New Zealand a place of true unity and friendship.  Sadly, I have made the discovery that even Police officers, Social Workers, and members of community in general, are cheating the system of government when it suits.  This cheating must end, which is why I have introduced this new brand of government.
To date, I have had quite a good number of European, Maori and Polynesian people sign the
Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008, and it behooves me to say that I know a good number of European people who are kind to me, particulary those raised in Maori communities and for that reason, I feel a moral and genuine loyalty to and for them. 

Following are some of the comments made by people who have signed Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008 offline. 

What they would like to see happen:

1.  Crack down on people who abuse their positions of power over personal feelings.  Named first and foremost, were the following organisations:  NZ Police and Child Youth and Family, and I will most definately add NZ Mental Health.

2.  Ceiling tax - stopping tax from rising above a certain level, and reshuffling public services in order to accommodate the ceiling tax.

3.  Certain plots of public land returned to Maori.

4.  Maori autonomy.  Our own government, so that we can do things 'our way' - in a more humane manner, instead of ripping children away from those they love.

5.  Reduced tax.  Lower GST.

6.  Provide a foundation for which people can come to respect Maori for the positive contributions we can make
for all people living here in Aotearoa NZ.

7.  Lower company tax.

8.  A more human rights focused government that benefits all parties, not just some.

9.  A completely transparent government.

10.  A completely transparent court system.

11.  A completely transparent social services system including NZ Police, Child Youth and Family, Mental Health, Barnardo's, etc, where all records and statistics are made public.

The list goes on...

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.