Affidavit To Albany District Court
Affidavit 2017
Letter To Taharoto Mental Health Court
"For The 'SUM' Calling Me Crazy"
Yes Mental Impediments Do Exist
My Personal 'take' on Mental Health
  1. Greetings all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak in my defense, my name is Nellie Ann Myrene Morton, and I am a whistle blower asserting, that when a well packaged web of lies has been gradually sold over time, the truth then seems utterly preposterous and it's speaker, a raving lunatic. Nonetheless, I am here to defend my sanity made questionable by the unusual facts and extremities of this case so I'm asking, please listen carefully.


    This section of my statement focuses on the abuse that my children and I have had to endure throughout our lives. This document is 9 pages long.


  2. It is difficult to relay the facts of your abuse to people who cannot relate to it, and worse, don't want to believe it. Harder to understand are the specific cases that when collated, identify relative patterns of abuse that seem abstract and untrue given the normality of positive behaviours we see around us in everyday life.


  3. Abuse so well hidden, it remains unseen, known only to the abuser, the abused, and those holding their silence. Abuse so unspeakable, our screams are muffled by the very institutions that vow to protect us. Abuse that is so intergenerational, it is tightly interwoven into the very fabric of our society and hidden in plain view, promoting it as sane when it is anything but! Abuse so characterized by denial, it is thriving on our choice conscious ignorance! Alas, we have turned the other way for so long our future is doomed.


  4. I am propelled into this courtroom by the suffering of my own children who rush me to speak on their behalves. Hurry up mum, what's taking you so long? The fact is, some of them may be dead as a direct result of the time it has taken me to appeal my status under the Mental Health ACT, and steer clear of the poisonous man-made compounds you call medicine. Hopefully they are not dead, but if they are, I may soon be joining them if I fail in my mission for justice, and I do not say that lightly. My health is in dire straits and I'll now explain why.


  5. Ruefully, I must share with you the reality of evil being experienced by the many like me, who have suffered in silence our entire lives. I now stand before you a survivor that feels the need to go public about the abuses that have destroyed my short time with my children. Please brace yourselves for the candid retelling of the horrific facts of this case.


  6. On my website globalmaori.info, you will see a photo of a little girl who has had her arm hacked off, her intestines and other internal organs cut out, and her buttocks sliced off, all while she is still alive to feel the sharp and violent cuts and lacerations to her young body. I logically deduce, she would have been forced to witness the eating of her flesh infront of her while her blood seeps from her wounds. Her abusers will be canabalistic pedophiles.


  7. My heart is crystalized with shock, and I'm burning alive with the torture of this knowledge. It leaves my entire being aching with empathy, suffering a permanent panic attack. I feel an unending sense of loss and pure misery for the suffering of children like this young girl depicted in this photograph. Ever deepening feelings of sadness and true love for these gentle child beings envelope me as I grasp for the answers that will undo this darkness that sweeps through my soul like a tornado.] I feel for her as I feel for my own children. I have vowed to find her abusers or die trying, as I will do for my daughter in the CYF's system, who has been through similar abuse. Her abdomen and other body parts were sliced open.

  8. As I stand before you today the chemistry in my body is arguably that of a dying woman. I have been raped and impregnated numerous times by my own brother and other paedophiles in community. I have been burned on my left shoulder with hot water by two of my siblings, I have been split from inside my vagina to my rectum and still bear this scar, I have had my hair pulled out in clumps, I have had my hip broken from an almighty punch which has now healed, I have had to rescue a child by self incrimination, committing an act of child abuse in order to make myself look like the guilty party because it was a last resort, I have been an unwilling participant as a child to engage in beastiality after I caught my brother raping a cow at our milking shed, and a few others have also violated me in this way as an adult. I have been beaten and kicked all over my body many times over a period of ten years, and I have been drugged, and hypnotised by pedophiles who attacked us in our home. I was denied any and all medical assistance, and as a result, I have been suffering an accute form of memory loss ever since my father was murdered by two of my older siblings in 1978. My brother Ernest who is responsible for most of this abuse is today an urepentant practicing christian pastor who ran for paliament on behalf of Destiny Church in 2005.

  1. Here is where it starts to get confusing. I would like to now speak about the reality of child pregnancy which is a reality for both Maori and non-Maori. If you don't believe in the phenomena of child pregnancy from three years of age and upwards, I suggest you do your research. There are a lot of cases of child pregnancy to study on the internet, with photographs confirming this phenomena. It is also a proven fact that children's reproductive organs can develop from two and a half years of age. When I had an ultrasound for my triplets, it was discovered that one of my babies internal organs were more advanced than other foetuses at their stage of development. This was at 16 weeks of pregnancy.


  2. I have been impregnated twice from rape as a child. The first baby stolen from my womb was at six years of age, and the second baby stolen from my womb was at eleven years of age. Both these pregnancies were the result of my brother raping me. Around the year 2000 before I had my triplets, I had another baby removed from my womb by a significant other and his friend after they raped me. I have had two of my biological triplets stolen from me at Northshore Hospital by my midwife and one of the fathers to my children. Further, one of my triplets was stolen and replaced after she was raped during the night, in the first 12 hours of her birth, believed to be by hospital staff. The triplet I went home with from hospital, was stolen from me and replaced during a playgroup at Orewa Townhall while she was pregnant at only three years of age, after I left the group for 15 minutes. This daughter was also raped by one of the male staff members at Christopher and Robin daycare centre at Blue Heron Rise. She had the baby delivered, and I can identify who stole her and her baby from me. I have had a total of six babies illegally removed from my womb, by the same rapist's who impregnated me.


  3. This is where it starts to get more confusing. Despite only having one daughter in my conscious care, I have had two children stolen from me, and also replaced with children who do not belong to me. Meaning that the daughter that replaced one of my triplets, was also stolen from me, and the daughter that Child Youth and Family are claiming as my own, is not actually my biological daughter. I love all my non biological children as I love my own.


  4. Further to the facts, Child Youth and Family uplifted one of my daughters as a result of the lies that were told about me by the paedophiles who were attacking me and my children at the time. My daughter was then uplifted by by social workers acting in bad faith, when they took a dim view of me swearing at them during their forceful preliminary attempts to try to involve themselves in my daughters life. At the time, I was homeschooling my daughter using Steiner Methods of teaching without formal schooling due to her ailments of borderline autism which she had to battle on her own, throughout CYF's involvement.


  5. There have also been a few other children who were hiding at home with me, but were later abducted through a series of midnight attacks that were brutal, ruthless, and cut throat. They came to me. One has a broken middle finger that got snapped during the night by one of her attackers to threaten her into silence. No pain killers. Another one got her tongue cut out while she was pregnant, and yet another one got her heart cut out. I myself have a partly missing, broken tooth from being punched in the mouth by these one of these pedophile attackers, and apart from emotional anguish, I got off lightly.


  6. A few of these girls have already had babies between the ages of 6 and 8. One of my girls had a baby under the house, that baby was murdered by my son because he thought it was his. And yes, my own son was also raping his sister after having had to survive a few pedophile attackers in his young life, which changed him from an innocent loving little boy, into one of these dehumanized demons though I believe he has now changed. Another one of my daughters had a baby at Auckland hospital at only seven years of age. That makes a total of four grandchildren that I know of. I am deeply worried about where they are and who may be abusing the ones still alive, and I am fretting for their safety, doing my best to engage legal DNA tests to help prove my case, through the writing of my affidavit.


  7. My children and I have suffered numerous paedophile attacks from Ernest Patrick Morton, David Peter McGregor, Craig Glanville, John Whitehead and co, Aaron Taylor aka Kenny, and Leon and co, and a number of other people, including one police officer, and five others believed to be police officers, others were gang affiliated. Most attacks, involved narcotics.


  8. Adding to the injuries, in 2010, I have for the first and only time in my life, cut the throats of two men during one of these nocturnal attacks after they drugged me, took me and my daughter to a police car, and while I was slipping in and out of consciousness, the man sitting in the back between me and my daughter was taunting and teasing my daughter, threatening to rape her, pulling at her clothes, so I pulled out my vegetable knife which I took for self defense and sliced him across the neck, and did the same to the police officer who was driving. If I hadn't done that, my daughter and I would probably be dead. As for whether these two men are still alive, I'm not sure. But one thing I am certain of, is that my act in defense of myself and my child, must not be confused with murder. If it is... then I am also facing considerable jail time. I have no prior police convictions. It is important to note that we had sustained around twenty odd midnight attacks before this happened.


  9. I am not a dangerous person, but to the pedophiles of this case, I would like them to know that I will be very dangerous to them, so much so, that I have made a threat to them on my website, as I will take them all on if I have to. I believe in standing up for what is right, and sometimes that requires some self sacrifice and the willingness to face persecution. I believe in defending the weak and vulnerable no matter what their skin colour. I'm passionate about the safety and wellbeing of children, especially my own, and I am equally passionate about exposing criminal activities and toxic mentalities no matter what their professional status.

This section of my statement focuses on the bias of the Mental Health system, your false psychiatric notes, and the reinforcement of those lies by the MHS.


  1. I have a Facebook account, and although I have many positive interactions with people, I find that the internet community is absolutely polluted with racism and systems of population control that underpin New Zealand government's most principle ministies, and their subsidiaries, including New Zealand Mental Health.


  2. Given that the very foundation of your government and subsequent Mental Health systems were established by deeply deplorable and most unforgiveable acts of genocide and racism, I don't see how any of you are in a position to judge me without allowing such intergenerational conditioning to influence not only your opinions of me, but also your core logic, reasoning, and rationale which painful to say, is akin to that of the Nazi regime that has murdered so many innocent people.


  3. In the Whangaparaoa area that I live in, your ancestors waited for strong winds, and lit fires along one side of the peninsula. The fire spread quickly, destroying all our villages, and murdering many Maori people. That is how white people came to be living on the peninsula today, and why Rodney Mental Health now have these premises.


  4. In the 1950's, somewhere near Sebastian point, Maori men, women and children were locked in their marae, and burned to death for refusing to move into purpose built state housing. Their screams could be heard from Queen Street.


  5. In 2005, after investigating a series of events connected with the thick black smoke that used to billow out of the Auckland District Courts, I deduced that they must have been incinerating people because no court personel would provide me any logical reasons when I made enquiries. I believe this conclusion holds water and I promote it as factual. I have explained the details of this investigation in my latest online petition for which I have acquired 15 signatures, and will be promoting awareness through my efforts for Maori Government, for which I have collected 50+ signatures, and counting.


  6. 20 million aboriginies were murdered for their land in Australia! 50 Million Red Indians were slaughtered for their land in South America, and 100 million were murdered for their land in North America! 180 million African people were taken as slaves, well over six million Jews were murdered during the holocaust, and by my calculations, well over a million Maori people have been silenced by the racists that still control our country today!Logic would dictate that the statistics are much worse than this. Apparently this is called winning! But they are masochistic devils deserving of the same pain they inflict.


  7. The systems of legalized genocide that have since been installed in this country via New Zealand Government's most principle ministries are totally reprehensible, and they must be held accountable in every language. Child Youth and Family are whipping our kids away faster than we can give birth to them, New Zealand Ministry Of Justice and their law enforcement are still picking off the darkies one by one, and the New Zealand Mental Health system has a bad habit of murdering people under the ACT, including your own.


  8. I'm not just talking about incidental death here. I am talking about deliberate, unconscionable and secreted abuse and murder by professionals using their positions of authority to deal death, murder and kill in secret, simply by a small stroke of their pen, in a very seemingly innocent way. A simple tick is all it takes to deal death in this part of the world to those who seem unfit and a burden to society, and my case is no exception.


  9. I feel nothing but contempt for the professionals who have me jumping hoops in their circus act, knowing how wrong they are about me, and how eager they are to invalidate me and undermine my integrity by reinforcing the lies told about me. Writing false psychiatric notes about me is not only bullying, it is an abuse of power.


  10. Judging by some of the notes Doctor E******** G******* has written about me, she does not want you to believe that I am virtuous and noble. She is negative in the way she describes me, and refuses to validate my Trauma Reactive Memory Loss (TRML) that has intermittently handicapped me my whole life until age 41. I am now 43.


  11. Doctor E******** G******* would rather you see me as schitzophrenic and delusional, simply because I believe in speaking to spirits, I see visions of things that happen without me being present in the situation, and I see the future before it happens, which is an integral founder of the wisdom that supports our Maori culture. In Maori we call this Tohunga Matakite. In other cultures, including your own, it is called premonition or psychic ability, or other, as Doctor Lawrence Follas has explained to me during a personal consultation.


  12. Well, it seems the psychiatrists of this case are prepared to write anything to destroy my good name, and my astute character and I will not concede to this. There are people truly suffering in this world because of the lies told by people utilizing government systems as weapons, rather than performing rescue. That is the sole reason why we are here today!!!


  13. My childhood and adulthood abusers have won, they are laughing with victorious defeat of me, and mocking all my attempts for justice. The culpable parties are scheming new ways to better reinforce their litanny of lies, to water-tight their alibi, and they're moshing to the head banging roar of Mental Health's callous indifference.


  14. I have been the victim of other peoples lies and abuse, my entire life. I was born into it, and that is why I have developed the stamina for it. This is the only reason why I am now under the Mental Health ACT – because of everyone's most natural compunction – to lie when their lives and livelihood are threatened by the consequences of their wrongful actions and words, and that includes the professionals of this case.


  15. Mental Health's slow murder' by 'medication' has been happening for so long it is considered perfectly normal. As a result of the drugs I have been forced to accept, my periods have stopped, my teeth and gums are deteriorating, I'm the heaviest I have ever weighed fast approaching 100 kg, I am ageing fast, and I am literally smoking myself to death because of the stress that is mine to bear. I am the unhealthiest I have ever been in years, and in truth, I am facing an early death. And mine is not the only case I have looked into, however the results of my personal investigations are unavailable at this time. That said, you need only read the pamphlets on the drugs that you administer to patients to see that these drugs are dangerous. Doctor Galloway can also tell you that the drugs she has prescribed me are known to cause seizures, and further, such side effects are not always written on the packet.


    I would now like to briefly expose the lies that bring this case into focus, and led to my imprisonment and torture under the Mental Health ACT.


  16. Detective S***** H***** was the first person to ever refer me to the Mental Health ACT at age 35. However, I was not placed under the Mental Health until age 40. At age 35 I was going through Repressed Memory Recall, and I was having weekly visits with my GP Doctor M***** S******, who I had asked to help me monitor the process of Repressed Memory Recall.


  17. Despite giving me a clean bill of health four times over a period of four weeks, when Detective S***** H***** referred me to Mental Health, he contacted this same GP and he too referred me to Rodney Mental Health going against his previous confirmations of my good mental health. The unjust reasons for this, was the fact I wrote statements to Police hoping they would imprison my brother Ernest for what he did to me after he ran for parliament on behalf of Destiny Church in 2005. Instead, they imprisoned me – under threat of the Mental Health ACT, which was a direct result of the lies told about me by my family to authorities, because I was exposing the child abuse in our family.


  18. My being under the mental health act was first actioned in 2012, with the lie that is being told about me by a woman who physically assaulted me when I asked her about the child in her care while I was looking for my children.


  19. By way of further explanation, I asked her polite questions, and was very calm about those questions. And when I directed one of my questions to the two year old child in her care, asking him if she was his mummy, she flew out of the house and punched me a few times, at which time I responded with a swift push punch to her sternum, and she stopped. She then lied to police stating that I had tried to abduct her child which I still believe today may be my grandchild. The reason I was at her door to begin with, is because one of my missing daughters walked out of her house and talked to me, and I saw her a second time while walking to Orewa. Sadly for her, and her child, this is being passed off as delusion. I have been targeted by what feels like a community infested with paedophiles and child snatchers. And if you persist in calling it delusion, this will only impact sometime on your own kids.


  20. Over 700 children are abducted per day, not including legalized abductions. I am totally outraged to be accused of this, and to then have that lie reinforced by government systems!!! I'm screaming on the inside like a banchi witch! I feel powerless to stop this tidal wave of intentional untruths, yet I will NEVER give up the fight for justice!!! If I get killed in the process, then so be it, ill gladly die for the cause of being believed because it's the truth!


  21. Yes, as a direct result of being forced under the Mental Health ACT under false pretenses, and your so-called medicines, I have suffered some confusion that is not to be confused with delusion. Prior to being forced under the MHA, I had only ever suffered from confusion. By way of explanation, months ago, I made a phonecall to the police, and told them that I believe that New Zealand Mental Health are involved in internal organ theft. I also told them that I thought my eyes had been swapped with someone elses, and that Professor James Wright is an ex dentist who molested and tortured me under anesthetic. And there was a time when I thought that the lower half of my sons body had been sliced off and swapped with the lower half of the cultural advisor of the Taharoto Mental Health Unit.

  22. I offer the explanation that after Rodney Mental Health and Taharoto Unit crushed me under the weight of their united forces, I became somewhat paranoid when I bought together the abuses I have sustained throughout my life, and I still am somewhat paranoid but that is for good reason. The internal organ theft was triggered by the knowledge that one of my daughters had her kidney stolen by a doctor that I consulted with at Manly medical centre when I took my daughter to be assessed for rape. That doctor confirmed that he is also a judge, and also the grandfather or granduncle of my children's half siblings. He stole my daughters kidney after he ordered me out of the room. It was confirmed that my daughter had a missing kidney during an ultrasound in hospital after she was taken by Child Youth and Family, and I was being blamed for it. My daughter was also pregnant at this time, yet another fact picked up during this ultrasound, for which there is a verifiable medical report.


  23. Furthermore, I thought my eyes had been swapped because I didn't recognize them due to weight gain after months of being on clozapine, and given the way that people claim false identities these days I don't think it impossible that Professor J**** W***** may be the dentist that tortured me under anesthetic at the Orewa Dental Centre around 2005, a fact which I reported to police after the consultation. As for the swapping of bodily limbs, we all know that organ donors are a fact, but I believe, given the horrors I have seen throughout my lifetime, and under the Mental Health act, the truth is, I just don't trust that people are who they say they are anymore, and I can no longer pretend that I do. Proving that these gross deceptions exist is very difficult when evidence is covered up, and confidences manipulated, to make the whistle blowers appear delusional, and come off sounding like liars.


  24. That is why Professor J**** W***** lied in the Albany District Court stating that I was delusional about my daughter Chalise Morton being a patient there, and that is why he tried to murder me with Clozapine. He knows damn well that I'm telling the truth about one of my 8 year old daughters Chalise Morton being a patient at the Taharoto Mental Health Unit for adults. Furthermore he has deleted her records from their database. Now what kind of psychiatrist does that??? Only a truly cunning, calculating, and deceiptful one, who likes to throw his weight around in a very secretive manner, much like some of the lawyers I've met.


  25. I feel certain that a formal investigation will yield the results necessary to save my daughter's life from the Mental Health system and expose the liars who know she was there, but I am unsure who to make a formal complaint to about this, so that an investigation can be actioned. Professor James Wright over-dosed me on Clozapine, and a white female doctor saved me. When Professor Wright did that, a part of me gave up the fight, and I was unable to cope as well as I would normally, hence my confusion. It's one thing to be drugged by pedophiles, but quite another to be drugged and over-dosed legally.


  26. Given the sum of my experiences of injustice, is it any wonder that my paranoia induced by the Mental Health abuses caused me to experience some deeper levels of confusion? I do know the difference between delusion and reality, but when the facts all blend in together, one has to exercise patience. I had previously thought that this was delusion, but I realized later that there is a big difference. It is important to note, that when I suffered from deeper levels of confusion that I always questioned it, investigated as best I could, and I was never as certain of it, as I am about the facts of this case. I take full responsibility for the confused states of mind that I have suffered under the Mental Health ACT, and I can consciously state that I no longer suffer to this extent.

    And finally, this last section is for those of you who feel any level of sympathy for me, as I would really like you all to know just how vulnerable I have been living with Trauma Reactive Memory Loss. We are on the last two pages.


  27. In regards to my “real” mental challenge, I have suffered from an extremely debilitating form of memory loss, where always after sleep, I would forget the facts of deeply disturbing and hurtful knowledge, as though these memories had been wiped from my mind, only to return to me long after the fact, and sometimes not at all. It's a bit like the people who faint at the sight of blood but in my case, my mind seems to shut down in a sense. I have always compensated for this debilitating form of memory loss by leaving vital clues for myself to pick up the next day, because sometimes, when going through the horror, my memories would return, and I would be aware during those periods, that I was suffering extreme memory loss. Like the day my daughter told me she was pregnant and I nearly fainted and I suffered all too familiar panic attacks and forgot by morning. Like the day I caught my son raping his own sister when she was but two and a half years old and sobbed myself to sleep with no memory of it by morning. Like the night people came into my home and forced my son to rape me, again not remembering this until three years later.


  28. Experiencing trauma's like this throughout my lifetime equates to 41 years of intermittent memory loss, both long and short term, a mental challenge which I have had to diagnose myself because psychiatrists have been so agressively dogmatic in their narrow minded approach to my mental health status. They will have you believe that my memory loss is invented by a schitzophrenic. Please do not give them another second of credit as their diagnosis is far from intelligent in this case.


  29. Independently of Mental Health I have now healed myself from this mental impediment, but I am left with a somewhat fractured memory path. If NZMH had been creating awareness of the fact that short and long term memory loss goes hand in hand with abuse, this may have made a big difference, but the real question is... “why don't they”. To this day, the closest thing I had to helping myself identify this condition, were my daughters constantly asking me the question... “do you remember mum?” They would also take it upon themselves to be the adult in my life at times, when I could not remember serious crimes to us, by reading to me after I was shaking from the aftermath, helping me to remember certain facts the next day even when I couldn't, and helping me to call the police and telling me what to say to them when I couldn't remember. What also helped me, was a movie called 50 first dates which tells the story of a woman who had to be reminded each day, of who her children were, and who she was married to. My memory loss had similar intensity.


  30. It is a proven fact that stress causes memory loss. But in people like me who are very sensitive, memory loss has left me and my children extremely vulnerable to the predators in our society who prey on gentle people like us. People who have little to no morals. Please therefore hear me when I speak the truth of people in community who've made false claims about me when I have had to stand up to their unacceptable behaviours. Arguably, it is they who should be under the Mental Health ACT – not their victims.


  31. Although I am compliant with Mental Health, it is no different to me than being compliant with the consciousless demands of an aggressive and violent pedophile. This is what many children have to do to survive the attacks of pedophiles.

  32. Not everyone who experiences these evils becomes mentally unstable in the sense of being 'crazy' for lack of a better word. Some of us remain empowered by the virtues that help us through these soul destroying experiences.


  33. We hold tightly to our survival instincts when reeling from the sharp and excruciating pains inflicted to body, mind and spirit. Our hope holds us steadfast when each second seems like an eternity in the deep abyss of despair.


  34.  Tolerance gives us the patience to survive the aftermath when we discover that our new enemy is the disbelief and choice conscious ignorance of those in position to help us. Many who seem hellbent on forcing only greater abuses upon us after we survive these horrors.


  35. Courage gives us the strength and stamina to do righteous battle for the sake of the many children who continue to fight for survival through this gauntlet of abuse. And every step of the way, we acknowledge the many babies, children and people who receive no justice at all,who are maimed by this abuse..., who die from the abuse.

  1. Prudence keeps us sane when understanding how people can cause these harms to innocent children who have done nothing to deserve it! And temperance empowers our morals as we vow not to become the evil that seeks to destroy our innocence.


  2. But above all else, when our faith in humanity is at ground zero..., and we have nothing left to live for... the love of our children gives motivates us to keep fighting for them to live free from all forms of harm. And so I will continue to seek justice for these my beloved children or die trying. I have had quite enough of the abusers winning by lying, cheating and theft.


  3. Now to help progress this case to court, if any of you know any good lawyers who may be able to help me, I'll appreciate any recommendations in this regard. In addition to the abuses I've outlined, there is sufficient evidence to prove that Inland Revenue Department illegally changed my IRD number, and that I am the owner of millions of dollars in bonus bonds, and in a BNZ bank account, under my name, my fathers name, and my birthdate. I am willing to pay up to $1,000,000 of my inheritance which is currently paying 1000 times more tax than I am collecting on the benefit each year, so I'm not tax bludging after all.



    I would like to now finish with a couple of quotes: “Every step toward the goal of justice requries sacrifice, suffering and struggle:- the human exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”. Martin Luther King. “Ko te pō te kaihari i te ao, ko te mate te kaihari i te oranga - Through night comes day, through death comes life”. - Te Whiti o Rongomai‏. This Maori Proverb means that through the darkness, one becomes enlightened.



    At the end of the day, we are all looking at life through a different lense. You guys are using the 'psychiatry lense', some see life through a' legal lense', and others through rose coloured spectacles. But some of us are using the 'real life lense', which does not filter abuse, it spotlights abuse. That's the lense I'm using.] And if you feel that what has happened to me is utterly devastating... wait until you hear the testimony of some of the children in the CYF's and Mental Health system. Their stories are worse than mine, and many of them get murdered before they even get a birth certificate. These and more, are the children I am fighting for, and love is both my singular and plural motive. Thank you.

    P.s.  Thank you to the many people who post of FaceBook, for some of the quotes, and facts in this piece of writing I wrote on 28th May 2015, in an attempt to request my freedom from The Mental Health ACT.  My request was denied.  A pattern I have learned to accept, and it makes me feel aroha for all the loved little children in the CYF's system who have to wake up every morning, go to school, and live a life that does not belong to them.  It makes other children ridicule them.  We have to tolerate this abuse every day.


Speaking as a Maori Tohunga (in training), believe it or not, your spiritual, emotional and physical freedom, lies in the status of your moral health.  Many people do not understand that they carry moral debt from as far away as the b.c.'s and the latter a.d.'s.  This fact is founded in the shape of our judgemental societies today, as instructed by religious advisers and a couple of very influential people a few mileniums ago (got part of this concept from my son through his education at Whangaparaoa College.  So sad they don't walk the talk, but again, it's called brain-washing). 

Moral health is paramount to the way we feel, the way we think, the way we speak, and the way we behave, which forms gigantic impact on the way we perceive our fellow human being, hence, racism starts and ends with you.


Moral health affects your ability to relate to others, and sympathize with their pains, without any need to experience their pain to feel it.  If there is one thing that angers me about people, it's when they say, "I'm sorry, but I simply cannot relate because I've never experienced it".  How much more shallow does it get.  This is one of the biggest bags of bullshit I've ever heard.  Of course we can relate!!!  We do it for our children every day!!!  We predict their emotional pains, we analyse their potential dangers, and we dress them for unpredictable weather every single day!!!  So next time a friend comes to you with a problem, instead of being shallow and choice consciously ignorant, simply imagine your child in their predicament - you'll get the picture all right!  Indifference is a choice! 

Good moral health is entirely applicable to the wellbeing of the human spirit.  To start undoing your suffering on a personal level, you must restore your life and mind, back to full spiritual, physical, and emotional health, by first restoring your moral health.  And that means, bringing about an end to everything that oppresses you in your life - everything.  Such explains my reasons for disliking people who do not support a native government - irrespective of which country it is.  No, I do not go out to hurt such people - my aim is to heal them of their ancestors moral debt. On the other hand, I will not let them get away with bad behaviour either!  I have got a waha, and I will use it!  That means mouth in Maori by the way.  But, wherever possible, I will always attempt politeness first.

Many clinics ignore this very basic and fundamental principle of moral health, and fail to relate it to the well-being of humanity.  Many doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists and mental health experts, claim to know the remedy for mental unwellness, but do not give moral health it's due emphasis.  And do you know why boys and girls?  Because they base their advice only on what they can relate to.  Now what does that tell you about the depth of so-called Mental Health experts and the government that founded them.

Many government workers, including mental health and medical experts, don't know what it is like to be raped, have a loved one murdered, be ostricized by society, go hungry, watch their children go hungry, be beaten, be lied to by government workers, be bullied by a merciless paedophile for years and years.  They believe in their plaqued degrees - no real life experience necessary.  Better we experience it, while they capitalize on our suffering - 'cynical profits' - opps, I mean 'clinical profits'.

I'll give you an example.  Let's say something bad happens to you or a loved one.  You begin feeling down to pesimistically low levels, so think it wise to see your family doctor.  What's the first thing a university schooled doctor does?  He preaches anti depressants and a dose of counselling.  So, like the brain washed fools that we are, we pop some pills, and arrive at the counsellors rooms.  If you're lucky, you'll get someone actually interested in your life, who tries to help you arrive at practical solutions for overcoming your dilema's in life.  If you're unlucky, you're probably visiting a NZ doctor/counsellor/psychiatrist, who is more interested in you believing that they know better than you, than they are in your mental and emotional well-being.  Why?  "Because that's where the profits are at honey", signalling the most common Mental Health pitfall to watch out for. 

And if there is yet another mental health 'Con' that you must watch out for, it's this.  By asserting that they know better than you, they assert their dominance over you, while fracturing your belief in yourself.  This is the cardinal sin of the medical health profession in New Zealand.  If every mental health professional was trasparent about the rules, and judgement based diagnosis they applied when attempting to cater to your mental and emotional well-being, you would likely stand up and walk out, and never visit another government instituted mental health clinic again, as you will learn as I do, that the more they disempower you and make you feel you need them, the more tax NZ Government collects, and obviously, the more they earn.

The saddest truth of all, is that government doctors can package their version of mental health in simple context for people, but to do so, would invoke profit loss, and lack of funding for their "disguise their con's using multi-million dollar marketing campaigns" - brainwashing in other words.  And a government that bases it's merit upon the approval of others, creates a like-minded society, which believe it or not, creates the vacuum of secret and silent violence existent here in Aotearoa, which makes for a very fragile and morally bankrupt society :-(       

Comparatively speaking, Maori Tohunga aka Maori Healers, aim to place YOU in the drivers seat, since we recognize that you come to us through a feeling of disempowerment derived from oppressive circumstances (often caused by government ignorance and choice conscious indifference) - the leading cause of mental unwellness in western civilisations today - the foundation of New Zealand society. 

No one knows your life better than you do.  No one knows your pain better than you do.  No-one knows your emotional needs better than you do.  No one knows your recipe for happiness better than you do.  Another big difference between Maori Healers and New Zealand Mental Health, is that Maori Healers are fantastic at empathy, and know the hell that brings you to our doors, while at the same time, keep an open mind to 'reading between the lines', to make sure you are not tying to fool anyone.  We've been fooled so long, that this is an area that I must be very vigilant, but at the same time 'tolerant' with. 

So when you tell us that the New Zealand Police have abused you in some way, you can be sure that you will be believed, not referred as 'mentally unstable' to New Zealand Mental Health.  But if you're lying, then obviously I will weed you out, and prescibe a good dose of 'kick up the ass'.  And when you tell Maori Tohunga that a Mental Health Doctor has concocted stories about you, and has also lied directly to your face, you can be certain, you will be believed, pending your honesty.  Why?  Because it has happened to me.  If you tell a NZ doctor that their government has been unfaithful to you, they struggle with loyalty issues, and so it is easier to label you as 'crazy'. 

Another 'con' of the New Zealand Mental and Medical Health Industry, is that as soon as you sit down in front of them, they regard you as a 'patient'.  Perhaps the most degrading thing you could ever do to another human being, is to assert that you are somehow on a higher level than they are, and that you are somehow more entitled, more clever, more worthy than they.  Straight away, this puts the professional in the drivers seat, and you in the seat of vulnerability.  Infact, is also typical of businesses throughout all industries - they all know better than us.  So you can be confident, that if you come to my clinic, and talk to me, I will simply be one human being, using my skill and experience to help you overcome your difficulties, and become all that you can be, including your own self-healing counsellor.

I assert once again, that many of our physical ills are a direct result of poor morals.  The really sad fact about that is, that on account of misleading and corrupt governments, you are ten times more likely to have trouble getting your moral health in control, knowing the power that governments have to shape our environments through law, and our very thoughts through schooling systems.  

Many people do not realize they continue to be the products of the mould created by their parents, which were created by their childhood enviroments - our educational systems - a combination of religion, society and education. Moulds that until challenged, can systematically dwarve the mental maturity of generations to come, through milleniums to go.  And in recognizing this, Maori Tohunga also recognize that the way forward is to heal not only our own, but also our oppressors.  In the case between Maori and European, we recognize that given the numerical superiority of their numbers, our spiritual freedom lies in the restoration of their majorities moral health.  But not only that, they can all be nice people when we're all on the same side.  But the only way for us to be on the same side, us for us all to be on the same level.  Here in Aotearoa, under a M.A.O.R.I. Government, a foreigners rights are protected - equal to the rights of a native. 

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.