SHERLOCK & WHATS-HIS-FACE :-D When I first wrote this article, I generally believed it. Now..., having experienced the 'cheating' of CYF.. I question statistics that marr Maori as Child Abusers as being 'engineered' by the powers that be. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

PLEASE SIGN HERE - My sincerest and most humble thanks on behalf of all our past souls, present souls still living, and our future generations.

Tihei... Mauriora  Ka tangi te titi, ka tangi te kaka, ka tangi hoki ahau  Tihei... Mauriora.

Back in March 2010, my gardener spoke exactly these words to me: "we should have killed the Maori Off When We Had The Chance.  And I think I speak for the majority of New Zealanders when I say this".  In 2011, he signed our Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008, of his own free will, giving me hope for many more like-minded people.

Another New Zealand man said to me on 28 June 2010 - "do you think Maori people are quite suspicious by nature?  My response was, well, if you were forced to befriend, sleep with and be governed by the same people who murdered your children, confiscated your land and taonga (resources), who also raped your women..., and after all that, had to beg for their favour and mercy for your food and water knowing their biased control and delivery of goods and services, you would find that SUSPICION, is a necessary part of protection in this white supremacist society in which we live.  

indigenous he who liveth life without caution, beith fool who lacketh intelligence and signeth own death warrant". 

Here Is The Official Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008, adapted from United States Declaration Of Independence 1776, which is currently a work in progress, and has yet to include an inserp regarding the ethnic cleansing of Maori people from the face of the earth by New Zealanders.  I am inviting all interested people for their input into this document, to help me write the finished product.

When you are finished reading it, please sign it by clicking on the link below it, remembering that it is a work in progress.

When in the Course of Human Events...... it becomes Necessary for One People to Disolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another..., and to Assume among the Powers Of The Earth, the Seperate and Equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and Natures God Entitle Them, a Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind Requires that they should Declare the Causes which Impel them to the Separation..........

We Hold these Truths to be Self Evident, that All Men are Created Equal, that they are Endowed by Their Creator with Certain Unalienable Rights......, that Among These are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness........., that to Secure these Rights, Governments are Instituted among men, deriving their Just Powers from the Consent of the governed......., that whenever Any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends......., it is the Right of the people to Alter or to Abolish it, and to Institute New Government, Laying it's Foundation on such Principles and organising it's powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to Effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence Indeed......, will Dictate that Governments Long Established, Should Not Be Changed for Light and Transient Causes, and Accordingly all Experience hath Shewn that Mankind are More Disposed to Suffer, While Evils are Sufferable, than to Right Themselves by Abolishing the Forrms to which they are Accustomed.

But when a Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations Pursuing Invariably the Same Object Envinces a Design to Reduce them under Absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty....., to Throw Off Such Government, and to Provide New Guards for their Future Security.

Such has been the Stifled Suffering of Indigenous Maori Men, Women and Children forced under New Zealand Law, which emphatically emphasizes the Favouring of the Foreign Race to which We are Connected................, and Such is now the Necessity which Constrains Us to Alter our Former System Of Government which was Never established with the Free Willed Consent and Genuine GoodWill of Maori People....................., who under threat of extinction by Foreign Invasion using methods of Terror and War Upon Innocent Maori Men, Women and Children................., Signed Treaties of Ruin Supplied to us by Foreign War Mongers hellbent on obtaining land on which to build, and resources with which to Sustain......., at the Purely Detrimental Cost of a Proud and Indigenous Nation of Astral Travellers - Maori.

The History of the Resulting New Zealand Government is One that Houses Repeated Injuries and Usurpations Against Maori, All Having in Direct Object, the Establishment of an Absolute Tyranny over Maori Land, Natural Resources, and People.

As PROOF, let facts be submitted to a Candid World.

New Zealand Government has refused their assent to Laws the most Wholesome and Necessary for the essential Good of the Primary Immigrants - Indigenous Maori, whose history begins in Aotearoa reportedly 40-400BC, Revealing our God-Given RIGHT to Refuse the Dictatorship of the Secondary Foreign Immigrants who become so through a Pirates War that knew NO Moral Boundaries Whatsoever, and outcome Facilitated by their Foundational Partners - their Crown and Religious Churches.

New Zealand Government has delayed the passing of Laws that Hold Immediate and Pressing Importance to Maori, and is Without Proper and Formal Loyalty and Allegience to M.O.A. - The M.a.o.r.i. Government Of Aotearoa Within this Dawn of New Age marked by an Expired Tiriti O Waitangi, For Which This Document Humbly, Respectfully, Yet Proudly Supersedes and Completely Replaces.

Through Forced Occupation Of Our Land, NZ Government Has Completely Destroyed Much of Our Maori Civilisation and Natural Habitat that Existed Prior To Their Foreign Invasion of our Lands, Leaving Only Remnants Of Memorabilia In Places Of Their Engineering And Design, Fatiguing Maori into Compliance With Foreign Policies, and Unethical Dependency On Their Unwilling and Fickle Favour.

New Zealand Government Has Imposed Taxes Upon Poor Maori Families Without Our Willing Conset; Confiscated The Largest Quantities Of Our Land, Deprived Maori Of A Fair Trial By Use Of Corrupted Media, Stolen our Pre-European Invasion Livelihoods, Deliberately Engineered Circumstances Of Perfidy And Ruin Among Maori People, Stolen Our Intellectual Property For Money Making Ventures Without Our Willing and Moral Consent, and has Doomed Maori To A Psychological Prison Of Chaos and Lack of Validation and Acknowledgement Regarding The Lost Civilisation Of Maori, Translating Into The Highest Rate Of Child Abuse And Suicide In The World.

Even Today, New Zealand Government Has Enforced Their Frames Of Entrapment Upon Maori, Reinforcing Such Circumstances Of Financial Hardship and Terror Through Corrupt Schooling Systems, False Accusations, And Pretended Diagnosis By Foreign Doctors Without GoodWill Toward maori - For What I Hope Are Now Very Obvious Reasons.

In Every Stage Of These Oppressions, Maori Have Petitioned For Redress In The Most Humble Terms; Our Repeated Petitions Have Been Answered Only By Repeated Injury.

We Therefore, The Representatives Of M.O.A. - The Maori Government Of Aotearoa, by Signed Signatured Agreement, Do In The Name And Authority Of The Maori Government Of Aotearoa, Solemly Publish And Declare, That Our United Maori People Are, And Of Right, Ought To Be The Free And Independant Nation And Country That We Were Pre European Invasion, That We By Declaration, Are Absolved From The Entire Legal Jurisdiction Of The New Zealand Government, And That All Political Connection Between The NZ Government And The Maori Government Of Aotearoa, And That Of Our Allies, Is And Ought To Be, Totally Disolved; And That As A Free And Independent Country Of The World, We have Full Power To Levy All Necessary Resistance, Conclude Peace, Contract Alliances, Establish Commerce, And To Do All Other Acts And Things Which Free and Independent Nations May Of Right Do; For The Support Of This Declaration, With A Firm Reliance On The Protection Of Divine Providence, We Mutually Plege To Each Other, Our Lives, Our Fortunes, And Our Sacred Honour And Respects To All Spirit Forms Of Our Time, Both Deceased And Living, And All Inbetween, Symbolizing Our Signature 'Maori Way Of Life' Deeply Embedded In Spiritual Realm And Wonder And Beauty.  We Must Therefore Acquiesce In The Necessity, Which Denounces Our Separation, And Hold Them As We Hold The Rest Of Mankind, Enemies In War......., In Peace - Friends.  Above All, We Aim to Ensure Moral And PeaceFul Solutions For ALL PEOPLE Living Here In Aotearoa/New Zealand, So That Everybody Wins While Respecting First and Foremost, The Indigenous Right, Rule, Culture and Spiritual Existence Of Maori.

PLEASE SIGN HERE - My sincerest and most humble thanks to you.

Here is the version of the M.a.o.r.i. Declaration Of Independence 2008 that  is open to all Maori and Non-Maori, to make new M.a.o.r.i. history by writing in the 'Submit Your News' link above, what you believe this monumental document should contain.  It is partially written and awaits your personal input:

When in the Course Of Human Events........., It Becomes Necessary for One People to Disolve the Political Bands which have Connected them with Another..., and to Assume Among the Powers of the Earth, the Seperate and Equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and Natures Creator/s Entitle them, a Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind Requires that they should Declare the Causes which Impel Them to the Seperation.

We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, that All People ARE CREATED EQUAL, and that We are Each Endowed by Virtue of our Life and Death giving capabilities, the Miracle of our Human Existence Suspended through Interplanetary cycles, and our individual sources of spiritual edification - the gods to whom we pray.................., with Certain Unalienable Rights, that Among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Conditional Upon Our Pursuits Kindness Toward Humanity, Animals, Vegetation, Nature, Natures earth - Gods Creation.............., that to Secure these Rights, Governments are Instituted Among Men, Deriving their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.........., that Whenever ANY Form of Government Becomes Destructive of these Ends, It Is The COLLECTIVE DUTY AND ABSOLUTE HUMAN RIGHT and Responsibility of such People to Alter or to Abolish the defined, and to Institute New Government, Laying its New Foundation on such Principles and Organising it's Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to Effect their Moral, Ethical and Righteous Safety and Happiness.

to be con't...

This here is recognized by all Maori and Non Maori as the 'online' version of The Maori Declaration Of Independence - M.D.O.I. 2008, which again, is open to all Maori and non-Maori, who wish to make new history by supporting this declaration with your online and offline support - see facility available under M.O.A. Government link in top menu, under the 'M.D.O.I. write your support online' link.  FYI, this was the first online version of M.D.O.I. ever written.

When in the course of Human Events..., it becomes necessary for One People to Disolve the political bands which have connected them with another..., and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the Seperate and Equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Natures God entitle them, a Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the seperation....

We hold These Truths to be Self Evident, that All Men, Women and Children are Created Equal, that they are Endowned by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..., that to Secure These Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed..., that Whenever Any Form Of Government Becomes Destructive of These Ends..., It Is The Right, It Is The Duty Of The People To Alter Or To Abolish It, And to Institute New Government, Laying New Foundation on such Principles and Organising Their Powers in Such Form As To Them Shall Seem Most Likely To Effect Their Safety And Happiness.

Prudence Indeed..., Will Dictate..., that governments Long Established, Should Not be Changed for Light and Transient Causes, and accordingly ALL Experience Hath Shewn that Mankind Are More Disposed To Suffer, While Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by Abolishing the Forms to which they are Accustomed.

But when a Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations - Pursuing Invariably The Same Object, Envinces a Design to Reduce Them under Absolute Despotism, It Is Their Right, It Is Their Absolute Duty, to Throw Off such government, And to Provide New Guards For Their Future Security.

Indigenous Maori have been thriving here in Aotearoa since 400bc, (after our own Island slipped beneath the sea), revealing our God-Given Right to refuse the dictatorship of the secondary immigrants who become so through a pirates war that knew no moral boundaries whatsoever.  Untrusting of the smaller Islands, we searched until we found the safer, larger land mass of Aotearoa, where our journey for survival finally came to a happy end.  For two long milleniums we have fed on these once plentiful shores, passed our wisdom onto our children, and left blissful footprints of territorial guardianship all over these soils, each tribe, fighting for the extension of their boundaries. 

Aotearoa means 'land of the long white cloud' whose upward volcanic cloud form land marked our way here by day, while the Interplanetary solar system of stars guided us by night.  Such clever use of stars is known to Maori as astral travelling - yet another of our vast and widely recognized skills of survival.  Aotearoa easily represents our greatest achievement - a world record by canoe.

Yet For the past 200 years of Maori History here in Aotearoa, we have been sabotaged by visible and invisible foreign enemies, our cries of unheard injustices muffled beneath a remote reign of terror and Iron Fist Rule, a plague of sufferance exacted upon Maori by a foreign race of peoples, who care very little for the racial wellbeing and integrity of the Indigenous Maori, confirmed today by the Highest rate of Child Abuse and Suicide in the world.

As Proof, Let Facts Be Submitted To A Candid World. 

Through Forceful and Heavily Protested British Invasion resulting in the Illegal Occupation and Management of Maori Land, Resources, Assets, People and Livelihoods, including the livelihoods of our Moa, Kiwi, and Kauri, and all other animals and species native to Aotearoa under Maori Protection and Management......, British Armies, known as British Expatriates, recognized today as New Zealanders, have established themselves among our own Maori people without the unanimous consent of Maori people or our Government, by converting one of their English companies from the name of New Zealand Company to the new name of New Zealand Government.

Their resulting New Zealand Government, their Prime Ministers, their constituents and their New Zealand people voting them into power by way of secret polling booth systems, all appear to be acting with one common purpose in mind.  Phase Maori out of existence so we can take full ownership of their land.  Such hidden agenda is evident by the fact that foreigners have completely destroyed our Maori Civilisation, Indentity and Culture that existed prior to Britians (heavily protested) invasion of our land, and through so-called Land Development, are continuing to stamp out our forests and vegetation, destroy Our Pa sites, breach the Sanctity Of Our Burial Sites, Plunder our seas, Ravage our coasts, our Places of Kai, uproot and thieve our greatest Natural Wildlife and National treasures, and murder and rape the innocent hearts, minds and souls of our Maori people by way of cleverly disguised entrapment, driving Maori to commit acts of crime, suicide and child abuse due to temporary and long term mental instability caused by the with-holding of survival needs by anti-Indigenous haters, even when the cost is murder, through the united allianced forces of foreigners, AND I SAY AGAIN, ALL THROUGH SECRETIVE MEANS - PLANNING STRATEGIES OF IMPOVERISHMENT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND CAREFULLY LAID TRAPS, AND SLAMMING THE DOORS SHUT WHEN WE ARE AT THEIR MERCY.

New Zealand Government has imposed taxes upon non-consenting Maori, confiscated the largest quantities of Maori land, deprived Maori of fair trial by wanton use of corrupted NZ media.  New Zealand government has falsely imprisoned and mis-treated many Maori people for lack of compliance with their race favouring laws and law enforcement, which while appearing moral is tainted by unethical and immoral dispensing and distribution of such necessities, an outcome readily facilitated by their foundational partners - their churches.  Marking such obvious race favouring agenda, is the Tohunga Suppression ACt 1907, which abolished the healing practices and profession of Maori Tohunga, the millenium long healers of our Maori people.

New Zealand Government has caused life threatening delays that hold immediate and pressing importance to Maori, and is without proper and formal loyalty and allegience to the M.A.O.R.I. Government Of Aotearoa whose land it occupys within this dawn of new age marked by an expired Tirit O Waitangi, for which this document humbly, respectfully, yet thankfully supersedes and completely replaces.

Many New Zealanders smitten with power-over the natives agenda have unwittingly and some quite deliberately..., murdered - in cold blood, only our greatest Warriors, Maori Men, Women and Children, simply by voting in an anti-Indigenous government.  Many of our greatest atheletes, entertainers, business professionals, song writers and Tohunga did not live beyond the age of zero.  Some only made it to age five before they were brutally attacked by those in charge of their safety..., their childbirth trust - their own Maori family members.

Such childhood losses are felt by all Maori, without reserve, every day of our lives, and are housed within the chambers of our hearts and mourning spirits.  We feel and mourn along with the rest of the world who shares and sympathises with our pain and grief, fatiguing Maori into compliance with anti-Indigenous policies, bending our individual wills toward complete dependency upon their unwilling favour through foreigner management of our own land and assets, causing Only the most Insurmountable Injustices To Maori.

Such abominations of tresspass and ruin have left only remnants of our pasttime memorabilia in places of foreigner engineering and design, thus causing Maori to bear the most insurmountable pain of injustice known to ethnic people around the world.

Many New Zealanders have not rehabilitated themselves from their war mongering days, and are still waging war against Maori, in secret, using the traditional weapons that facilitated foreign take over behind falsified legal alibi, along with biological Weapons of mass destruction such as cigarettes and alcohol, and fatal illnesses which are being injected into our babies at birth, along with every other secretive immoral and unethical means imaginable, against unarmed and undefended Native Indigenous Maori who chose not to engage in such lawlessness, equipped only with Mana, Taiaha and Mere, and an as yet, undefeated World Wide Record of Skillfully Talented Trench Warfare and Matakite..., now dampened by the all too familiar terrors of Oppression, Racial Genocide and Indifference, imposed upon us by those who claim to have taught us virtues.

Today, the 200 year long plight of Maori becomes an outspoken force to be reckoned with, voices of compassionate understanding, principled logic, sound reasoning, high standards, morals and ethics, sound judgement, and an armaic might of spiritual and physical protection for those within our circle of love and friendship, derived from our wealth of life long lessons, talents, skills and abilities that stem from ancient repetoir.

The History of New Zealand Government, is one that houses repeated injuries and usurpations against Maori, all having in direct object the establishment of an Absolute Tyranny Over Maori Land, Resources, Assets and People.

In every stage of these oppressions, Maori have petitioned for redress in the most Humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury through every official and secretive means available to them.

We therefore, by signed agreement, do, in the name and authority of the M.A.O.R.I. Government Of Aotearoa, solemly publish and declare, that our united Maori people Are of Right, The free and Independent Nation and Country that we were Pre-European Invasion, that We by Declaration, Are Absolved from the Entire Jurisdiction of the New Zealand Government unless by decree of M.O.A., and that all political connecton between the NZ Government and the Maori Government of Aotearoa, is totally disolved, and resting only on the laurels of a goodwill relationship based on consent and permission, in the spirit of friendship should friendship arise; and that as a free and Independent country of the world, we have full power to levy All Necessary Resistance, Conclude Peace, Contract Alliances, Establish Commerce, and to do all other acts and things which Free and Independent Nations may of right do; for the Support Of This Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honour, and our long abiding Respects to all Spirit Forms of our times, Deceased and Living, and all inbetween, symbolizing our signature 'Maori Way Of Life' deeply embedded in our spiritual and scientific beliefs that hold for every Maori, an abundant realm with never-ending beauty, wonder and intrigue.  We must therefore acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our separation, and hold them as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War..., In Peace - Friends.

Signed on behalf of:
Tahi Wiri/Wiremu Matene/Morton/Motene - murdered
Ulm Ivy Morton nee Pulham - died of a stroke
Barry - Barrett Boyes Jones Mauhaere Morton - murdered

As Acting Maori President of the M.A.O.R.I. Government Of Aotearoa aka Moral Government Of Aotearoa and New Zealand, I now invite all Maori....., and Friends and Allies of Maori..., to contact me, for an opportunity to sign the Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008.  Please extend me the courtesy of arranging an appointment first.  See my contacts page for details.

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Nellie Morton - M.a.o.r.i. President - until I am voted out.

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.