Laying New Foundations.

Donations can be made to:
Bank: ASB (until M.a.o.r.i. Bank is up and running!)
Account Name: Miss N M Morton
Account Number: 12-3046-0392963
Suffix: 00

Please mark donations with the appropriate code.  For relevant code, please see each charity.

Please contribute to the following Foundation Charity Funds formed by M.O.A. - The M.A.O.R.I. Government Of Aotearoa aka The Moral Government of Aotearoa & NZ, that will enable me to start working seriously within these areas.  When you make a donation, please use the relevant code.  I will then write that code up on the monthly financial statement, and you can then watch and see how your money is being spent.  Yes, I stole money from a wallet once after I ran away from home.  You will just have to understand that sometimes, this is what children have to do to survive circumstances of severe child abuse, murder, and rape inside their own homes.  The picture you see below, may be the only evidence confirming the fact that one of my daughters had her heart cut out during a nocturnal ambush in our home one night.  Now if you were this child's mother, how bad would you feel?  Please contribute to the Love Children Forever Fund (see below), to help me bring our nocturnal attackers to justice. 

'Love Children Forever Fund'
Motto: "Love children forever..., no matter how old we get" :-)
This fund seeks to sponsor all childrens talents, and needs, first and foremost, the under-privileged.  Grounding such perspective, is a shelter for homeless and abandoned children that is also at planning stages thanks to reinforced perspective of this under-taking.   Please tag donations to this charity with LCFF.

Children with Challenges - (like me and my children! :-)
This fund is for especially for babies, children, teenagers and adults who have had their body parts stolen by corrupt doctors and criminals like those in and outside of the Medical and Mental Health arena, who are stealing the body parts of people.  Even when they are telling the truth, like I am, we are still treated and regarded as though we are lying.  I dedicate this fund to my one of my beloved daughters who had her kidney stolen from her by a doctor at the Manly Medical Centre in Whangaparaoa.  Believe this news.  It's the truth.

'CAPS OR PACS - Child and Parent Safety (or reverse nouns)

This is Child and Parent Protection Foundation Fund that seeks to completely replace or rehabilitate CYF, which will enable me to gather a team of dedicated, loving but strong individuals to focus on families where child abuse is highest.  People in need of rehabilitation from drugs and poor families who are struggling at the bottom of NZG's socio economic ladder will be priority.  You will be amazed at how a few extra dollars per week for affected families, can relieve so much child abuse.  These families will also be provided with a discount card that will enable them greater buying power.  We will NOT be reporting these affected families to child Youth and Family, but rather, will be looking to identify and fulfil their greatest needs on a continuous basis.  These families will participate in pre and post rehabilitation courses, including workshops on parenting, cooking, cleaning, maintaining daily routines, prioritising, and learning coping mechanisms to stay drug free.  They will be required to attend them where necessary.

Please mark donations to this fund: CAPS OR PACS. 

Ethnic Hommage Foundation Fund. 

For all people using cuisins, trades and ideas that originated in other countries and cultures, who are not originally from that particular country, I will be requesting that they contribute 10% of their profits exceeding 50% of overheads - which will be released back into that country to directly benefit the poorest families within each relevant country.  Relevant industries and businesses such as specific cuisine restaurants, interior design, architecture, clothing, souveniers etc, will all be requested to be a part of this fund for the benefit of paying grateful respects to where the creative knowledge really came from, in appreciation and high acknowledgement of the pains, toils and struggles that it took to 'acquire' and earn this knowledge.  Those with big hearts, and moral outlook, irrespective of how deep their pockets are..., will accept these terms.

Please mark donations to this fund: EHFF  Interplanetary

Planet Earth Biodegradeable and Recycling Fund.  A very important focus for me, this fund will concentrate on cleaning up areas of the globe, and sectors of our industries that are developing end user products with little to no regard for their biodegradeability, their effect on our planet, and their potential (or lack of it), for recycling.  My focus will also be on factories that are producing way more than their fair share of green house gas emmissions.  And the first businesses we will focus on, are the supermarket and corporate chains like The Warehouse, who have continued to use non-biodegradeable ( plastic bags for our shopping convenience (aimed at their profits), despite the fact that 100% biodegradable plastic bags have been around for centuries (though I've yet to check that length of time for a fact).  Even higher on the list of priorities will be the conversion of gas to ethinol or better yet, solar energy.  Our planet is sick, and needs our immediate attention - no if's, but's or maybe's.  Donations: IIBRF

Global M.A.O.R.I. Freedom Fund. 
In recognition of our the eternal truths of the Maori Tohunga (see left menu of homepage), this fund will be used to assist with costs to cover my efforts to free certain individuals from prisons throughout Aotearoa, and the world, and place them in M.A.O.R.I. Rehabilitation Centres, under lock and key as necessary.  But one thing we will NOT do, is allow them to rot in jail when I know damn well, that what they have done, is something that you or I would have done in their circumstances.  But of course, if they refuse to co-operate with M.A.O.R.I. Rehabilitation Directives (and I am confident that given the alternative of going back to jail - they will not), they will be placed in necessary restraints - NOT imprisoned again inside a facility that does more to debilitate them than rehabilitate them.  Or at the very least, they can choose to remain within the control of non-M.a.o.r.i. Government. 

M.a.o.r.i. Tohunga Healing Clinics - nationwide: "focusing on your moral health" 
Maori Tohunga healers recognize that your moral health has everything to do with your spiritual health, which has everything to do with your physical health, which has everything to do with the way we regard and manage the health of our natural surroundings.  Please help me to open a clinic chain and form a Maori Healing Incorporation that will bring together the use of all Maori Healing Techniques for the establishment of our own medical profession that will most definately be using other races technology where beneficial - with permission and acknowledgement of course.

Please mark donations: MTHC 

Indigenous, Cultural and Natures Moral Restoration Fund. 
This fund will be used to help wherever there is a need, in absolutely all countries all over the world, and is available to absolutely every person on the planet on an application basis only!  This fund will also help me to get to Englands Privy Council and World Court, if justice is not to be had here in Aotearoa New Zealand.  In other words, if NZ Government do not want to look are the proposed 'goverment share' which will obviously result in 'real land share', then I shall be flying off overseas to have the World Court make decisions in this regards.  This fund is also for Abused Land, Poor people, Environmental Abuse, Sea and Sea Creature Abuse, Animals and all creatures great and small.  This fund - though having great potential to be abused by it's managers, will not be abused, as can be confirmed by public financial records that will be made available in due course.  Surplus investment funds from this account will also be used to re-establish Maori peoples rich heritage of Astral Travel.  Please markdonations: IMRF 

Donations can be made to:
Bank: ASB (until M.a.o.r.i. Bank is up and running!)
Account Name: Miss N M Morton
Account Number: 12-3046-0392963
Suffix: 00

Please remember to mark all donations with appropriate Foundation Reference.

Thank you kindly..., despite the fact that I was disinherited by my so-called siblings, a fact reinforced by BNZ bank who have recently denied me my inheritance left to me by my father, I will be sure to be honest with all your funds, and show you proof of this statement by way of financial reports that will be available online 24/7.

Thank you for your kindness toward these... our very important causes that will help save lives.  And I can guarantee, the money will be spent on genuine cases - not lavish lifestyle spending like heavy spending corporates usually do.

Chanell Matene-Motene
(this is me and my little girl Chalise in the pic above)  I am so happy now Chalise, that I have at least freed our spirits from this current detention of imprisonment.  Hip hip, hooraaaaaaaay!!!  I love you my Chalise :-D  And I promise I will save you.  Never fear, for Nellie aka Chanell - you devoted Mum - is here.

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.