C. S. I.

For those of you that I asked to be witnesses to the various facts of my personal case written on this website..., and to those of you who are witnesses... please contact me urgently - the lives of many abused children (being ignored by Child Youth & Family, NZ Police and the NZ Family Courts), including myself..., are hanging in the balance - they like me, have been and are still being subjected to NZ Government Gas-lighting. 
  • I am looking for the very kind European man who handed me copies of my bonus bonds in a white envelope, in 2011 on the premises of Child Youth and Family in Orewa.  Some of the bonus bonds were valued at $40 and $60, and others were valued at $70,000.00.  Those bonus bonds were confiscated from me by Deb Jones - Manager of Barnardo's in Whangarei, and I believe she gave them to a CYF's social worker who possibly, like my siblings has either practiced my signature very carefully and tried to cash them in.  One thing is for sure - this social worker has kept these copies of my bonus bonds hidden from me since 2011.  So I need the man who gave them to me as a witness.
  • I am looking for the lady who I asked to be a witness of the men who had taken over the Family room (temporarily) at the Whangaparaoa Plaza who appeared to be the same police officers who broke into my home at 546 Whangaparaoa Road and physically and verbally abused me for adapting the Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008 from America's DOI.  I told them that I had sought legal advice before doing so.  It was they who injected me with a poison that has left me with aching bones and sore muscles at times - even today, which has contributed to my weight gain... which I am now in process of losing.
  • I am looking for the children who ran away from the CYF's system here on the Hibiscus Coast, who are able to corroborate many of the facts of my cases in my affidavits on the homepage.  Some have been murdered, others survived and are back in the CYF's system.  Others are still hiding, and being hidden by my family, and other pedophiles.  Hopefully there are some kind people in the mix there too.
  • I am looking for my fathers lawyer.  I believe his name is Mr Campbell from the Kaitaia Law Firm - Dragecevich Campbell and Lord, and I believe he is still alive.  He too is able to verify the fact of my fathers legal documents and Will, along with the fact that I was with my father when he secured this money for me.  I was the one who warned my father of the murder he walked into.  No one else.  It was because of me alone, that he took out multiple life insurance policies.  Funds that collected almost fourty years of interest, which have now been stolen from me by New Zealand Government Officials including a Judge, his police officer buddies, undoubtedly with advice from lawyers, and also BNZ bank staff, Inland Revenue staff, and New Zealand Law Society staff who all helped to cover up the theft of my inheritance.
  • I am looking for the bank teller BNZ staff in Orewa who witnessed the amount of money that was being held in my name, my fathers name, and my birth date - at the BNZ bank, which is now stolen from me.
  • I am looking for the person from New Zealand Archives, who saw both the IRD numbers under my name, and the money attached to my original IRD number that my beloved father Tahi William Morton (not his son Tahi Carrudua Morton) left to me.
  • I am looking for my neighbour Petra who over-heard the men yelling at me when they broke into my home on one or two occassions during the night while living at 546 Whangaparaoa Road in Whangaparaoa - North of Auckland.
  • I am looking for all the pedophiles that have raped me and my girls and my sons and grandchildren over our life-times.  Please... if you have any information, please contact me.  I am now working with private investigators because New Zealand Police are refusing to help me with my case despite numerous requests.
  • I am looking for my beloved daughter Sharlize Fushia Morton, and her twin sister Shanelle Chardyn Morton, and possibly a third triplet too.  Apart from Sharlize, Shanelle and my third triplet were stolen from North Shore Hospital on the 6th May 2003 - their birth dates.  The name of my third triplet is Katariina.  I assume she was a girl like Sharlize and Shanelle.  And yes... I absolutely love my girls.
  • I am looking for the government officials who stole the money at BNZ bank, that was left to me by my beloved father.  We are talking about a sum of around $150-250 million dollars after my fathers life insurance policies collected almost 40 years of interest, including the bonus bonds that kept jack-potting and trippling during that time.  Those involved are a judge, police officers, BNZ bank staff, Inland Revenue staff, and New Zealand Law Society staff who helped to cover up the theft of my inheritance.
  • I am looking for Alex - the guy who is good at kick boxing, who I suspect murdered one of my girls and stuffed her body into his green clothing bag.  If I am wrong Alex, then my humble apologies.  But if I am right - then you know whats coming.  Alex is local to HBC.
  • I'm looking for Mikey from New World - who raped one of my heart-adopted girls right outside New World - in broad daylight while a large ring of his friends circled around him to hide his rapist crime to my daughter.  Mikey, your a nice guy sometimes - but you know your guilty, and all your friends do too.  I am also looking for the lads who hid and witnessed this crime, and I believe I know who a couple of you are.
  • I am looking for Lucy from the Community Law Centre in Whangarei who can confirm that my father and three other men raped her when she was 13 years old.  I'm not sure if this is what put her in the wheelchair that she was in when I met her, or if she has some type of illness, but I would like to create a Foundation for all my fathers rape victims, that will assist them in living a quality life.  On behalf of my father, I offer my sincere, heartfelt and genuine apologies.  My father was also raped by family members and other New Zealanders, and that is how he became a pedophile through no fault of his own.  I am not making any excuses for his actions, I am only revealing the fact that 90% of pedophiles become so through being molested as children.  The other 10% do so because they are conditioned to hate niggas, and to disrespect females.  I am also promoting the belief that New Zealand Government is a pedophile movement that was hypnotising Maori people to commit such crimes through their Mental Health institutions where the extreme torture of natives also took place.
  • To be continued...

In the meantime... feel free to read my affidavits one and two.  They need editing, but they give more information.  These affidavits were written under extreme duress but are accurate except where I have expressed any confusion.

Affidavit 1

Affidavit 2

In a nutshell, here is the basic over-view:

I grew up in a family of pedophiles, child abusers, rapists and murderers.  My father was a pedophile, and so were some of the other men in our community.  They used to go around raping young girls in the community at night when they were drunk.  I am unsure how often this occurred.  New Zealand Government constituents were also doing this even to our children in schools, and that is how the trend began in Aotearoa among natives and foreigners.  New Zealand Government introduced the pedophile movement to our indigenous people where it was used as biological warfare.

I managed to get my father to come clean before he died, and he admitted it infront of a whole lot of people at a restaurant in or around Orewa during one of our travels.  I'll explain more about what happened in my up and coming book.  I met one of the elder ladies in Orewa at a cafe, who was there when my beloved father confessed to everything back in 1978 before he was murdered by my two older siblings.

I was born a very strong psychic who could actually move into and interact with my psychic perceptions - new psychic phenomena not previously recorded - anywhere but here on this website - one of the many reasons why I am writing a book.  Many times when this happened, was with my daughter Sharlize as she lived a life away from me after she was kidnapped by a tall, solid European woman when she was 2 years old - and pregnant - yes - pregnant after being raped by four males including her brother Arden who was molested from birth himself by his fathers family.  I was always a strong clairvoyant and was able to see into the future since knee high to a grasshopper.  As life progressed, I began to discover that I also had ability for slip-streaming (explained briefly in my second affidavit), and when my beloved twins were born (all my natural born girls could speak at birth - fact), I realized that I had a strong ability for telepathy also, as did my girls.  As physical evidence of my unusual abilities, here is a photo of what my eyes do on occassion... mostly it seems that this phenomenon occurs when I am happy.  I was able to prove some of my unusual abilities to my father by telling him things that no one else could possibly know.  I was also able to pass information from the new Millenium all the way back to 1978.  This is yet another reason my father left everything to me - the youngest in my 13 siblings - his favourite - because he knew I was very spiritually gifted - like many of our Maori people, and many other people all over the world.  Upon this discovery, my father then needed to ensure my survival knowing I would have to endure and survive a living hell with the same people who murdered him.

My eyes do this moreso when I'm happy I believe.  Pretty phenomenal stuff huh?  When Sharlize saw my eyes do this as a very young girl... she said.. "Woooooow" lol.  And when one of my heart-adopted girls saw my eyes do this..., she became frightened and said... "Who are you???"  Then she ran to her room.  Awww... sweet girls.  I didn't mean to frighten you babygirl....

I took this photo when my eyes were changing back to normal.  My pupils also have a five point star too that looks like I've got spiders in my eyes.

So then..., four years after my father died, my sister Hazel (who my father raped), begged my fathers lawyer for a sum of money.  That sum was around $400,000.00.  My fathers lawyer payed it out to Hazel, and she shared it all out as hush money with all my siblings except myself and my brother Barry - the youngest in our family.  Years later, when Barry threatened to tell me about my inheritance (through the years I had forgotten about it due to extreme abuse, rape, and torture - my siblings absolutely hated me for the fact that my father left everything to me - not them), they murdered Barry too.  And then, when my beloved mother Ulm Morton was lying in hospital with a stroke, my family suffocated her and made it look like natural causes.  So you see, I have a hell of a grudge against my siblings.  I also recognize, that if we had all grown up with love, trust, integrity and compassion in our lives, my siblings and I would have been an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.  That is why it is my desire to heal them all of their hurt, pain, anger, and hatred, and enable them to become one with me again.  But... a lot of anger needs to be expressed before that happens, including a few rounds of boxing with gloves in a boxing ring.  I am gonna lay them the fuck out!!!  After that, if I'm feeling better, then I'm going to express a lot of tears, and finally, give them a lot of hugs, and from there, we rise again like the phoenix into the sun.  Yes I will publicise and live-stream the fights for some good ole fashioned entertainment.

Back on point.  So then... my children and I had to survive years of brutality from community pedophiles, family, CYF's, Police, Judges, Mental Health, you name it.  There were so many predators willing to use New Zealand government's most principle ministries as a weapon to take me down - after all the rapes and beatings and abuse I suffered at their hands for 10 out of 11 years until I ran away at age 16.  And the three people who abused me the most, were Hazel (my eldest sister who ordered my brother Ernest to rape me - upon which Ernest willingly complied), Wood Chopper - Ernest Patrick Morton - the most evil person I have ever known..., and my sister Mere who helped my brother Barry to burn my shoulder with boiling water.  With the rest of my siblings, there was other abuse, but mostly psychological abuse.  Grand story aint it.  Wait for my book - this read is going to be worth it - I promise - because amid the hatred... there were moments of pure joy, love, and hope.

So then, when Ernest ran for parliament on behalf of destiny church in 2005, I spoke to Richie Lewis who took Ernest's side - of course.  Because Ernest told them that I had hurt my nieces arm (his daughter) when I was 11 or 12 years old.  Naturally Ernest would have made the story sound much worse than it was.  Little did Destiny Church realize... Ernest had raped me and three of the youngest sisters in our family, he murdered my mum, dad and brother Barry, he impregnated me twice at 6 and 11 years old, and then later on, and after a 2 year police investigation by Detective Steven Harris also sided with Ernest, Ernest then came down to my home, snatched around 4-8 of my heart adopted girls who I was hiding after they ran away from the CYF's system here on the Hibiscus Coast due to Racist Abuse..., Ernest then went on to belt them severely to their private parts, he raped them, he impregnated one or two, he murdered on of the babies, he beat one with a piece of wood as thick as my wrist, he belted them, and God knows what else he did to them.  It is these girls that are victims to these severe and unconscionable abuses that are able to corroborate my true story. And that is why I am in process of holding him accountable in a court of law along with the other pedophiles written about in my affidavits.

Then..., years after that, New Zealand Government tried to finish me off after they stole between $150-250 million dollars of my inheritance because I told Detective Steve Harris (who questioned me about this money) that we needed a Maori Government, and that I would use part of those funds to establish our own Maori Government.  After drugging me, NZ Government Officials hypnotized me to sabotage my own life - subliminally, they tried to change my beautiful nature by hypnotising me to be evil which did work to a point, and they hypnotized me to comply with pedophiles.  They also programmed me to kill a man, which I did in self defense, and in defense of one of my heart adopted girls who this man was in process of raping.  I was drugged at the time this happened and was barely able to walk.  Thanks to various gang members and other individuals, they also forced me to rape one of my heart-adopted girls with a dildo (against my will), and after pulling the baby out of me that had resulted from me being raped, they forced me to put my baby in a hot oven where he/she burned to death.  Please bear in mind, that I was under hypnosis when this was all happening.  I fought against them as much as I could but once I was drugged, it would put me back into the hypnosis trance.  You will see on youtube... people talking about how they were put into hypnosis trances for years at a time.  A person still seems normal, but they are acting on subliminal messages that have been programmed into them.  I was unable to properly write about this until after I had healed from the hypnosis.  I am looking for a good hypnotist by the way, as I need to make sure that all the programming is non-existant.  Did you know that New Zealand Government burned a lot of our people alive in their Marae because they refused to move into purpose built state housing?

Well..., this is my true horror story.  And this is why, I am now on my mission to take our country back off these racist criminals that call themselves proud kiwi's.  More like - proud Under-cover Racist's.  So there's my story in a nutshell. 

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.