Alright children and adults who have been a victim of drugging, hypnosis and a 'thing' I call "training abuse".

Listen carefully my children and everyone who has ever been a victim of this type of 'bad thing'....  There are bad people who do bad things to children and adults.  One of the bad things that they do is called 'drugging people'.  When bad people 'drug' other people, they can do this when you are sleeping, and/or when you are awake.  What they usually do, is they use something called a syringe which looks like a long needle attached to a plastic tube.  Inside this tube, is something that looks like a liquid or water.  Sometimes the liquid can be a clear colour like water, and other times, it can be a white colour.  But other times, they drop pills into your drinks and mix them in like your Aunty Carol did to mum at 546 Whangaparaoa Road - that's why mum fell over on the road when we all went walking.  This is why your Aunty Carol is a dangerous person because she uses her influence with the hospital to hide the truth and get people onto her side - she is a Paediatric Nurse who can tell doctors things about children that are not true, so that the doctor can prescribe some very dangerous medications that can make you forget.  Sometimes the colour of these pills are blue.  I remember when my so-called friend Missy put some of these blue pills in mums KFC at Ponsonby Road.  I also remember her friend putting these blue pills in my drink, so be careful my beloved children, do not trust these people no matter how nice they act.

Back on point.

Now.  Sometimes doctors and nurses do this to people to help them relax or to not feel any pain, or even to stop them from remembering when they have to cut us with sharp cutting tools to help save our lives.  But sometimes, bad people do this to children and people to hurt us, and make us forget who we are, or to make us forget 'bad things' that these people can do to us.  Yes, this has happened to mum so many times I have lost count.  But, thanks to this website, mum is remembering many things.  You can know when you have been drugged, because you feel dizzy, like you can't think straight.  My best advice if you feel this way?  Snap out of it!  Get a cold drink of water, and just remember what you know you do.  That is often where telepathy helps a lot.  Telepathy over-rides the effects of drugging.  People think mum is crazy for saying that, but it's true.  If you have the gift of telepathy, it snaps you out of the thing that mum calls the 'drug induced coma'.  Aside from that, you get good genes (strong and healthy bodies and minds) from mum, so this will be to your advantage.

NOW!  Sometimes, when people drug you, they tell you things while you are drugged by either whispering in your ear, or talking to you in a normal voice, and sometimes they yell at you.  This is called hypnosis under the influence of narcotic's, or in other words, 'training abuse'.  They can get you to think things about yourself and other people that are simply not true.  To overcome this, learn to write down things that you feel.  If you are living with the bad people, write notes about the names of the people holding you hostage or drugging and hypnotizing you, and hide them - real good, so that no one but you will know where they are, and that way, even if they drug you to forget, you have left a note that will help you to remember if someone finds it.  You can hide notes in boxes and bury them - that is a good one.  Biscuit tins are good.  But bury them in places where you know they won't get dug up.  This leaves what is called a 'paper trail'.  Something that will help someone else to find you, or help you remember if you get snatched, or if you are already there.  There are plenty of places in the community where you can hide these 'treasure boxes', so always keep a look out for your opportunities - when 'they' are not looking.

Okay.  Aside from that, my best advice, is to choose your moments wisely, to run away and hide.  If you hide in the bush, learn to live off the land.  This will be a good time for your memories to come back to you.  Give it lots of time.  Relax.  Eat leaves, grass if you have to, and always stay near rivers so that you always have a water supply.  You can stay warm by burying yourself under leaves - punga leaves are good, or beneath the soil, or beneath fallen trees or logs.  Try to stay close to people, where there are people, there is usually food.  If you have to, go through the rubbish bins - I would if I had no one to help me and no food to eat....  Otherwise, if you still can't find free food, then you must steal it.  Eat food from fruit trees, eat grass if you have to.  But stay alive until all your memories return.  Hiding near a beach is often a good idea.  Beaches are a great place to find free food but ALWAYS - ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE TIDE IS OUT before you go to find oysters, kina and other types of food.  BUT my runaway children, watch out for predators - other people are hiding too - adults who can be very dangerous to sweet and innocent little children like yourselves.  Never let them catch you.  And above all, watch out for the bad people who are police officers and use dogs to hunt you.  If the dog runs up to you, he is going to bite you, so put your hand out to give the dog something to bite, so that he doesn't bite your face.  Another good place to hide is underneath houses. On farms - you can even share animals food.

To those of you who think that what I have written is more than a little peculiar, they are notes to my beloved children who are hiding from the people who have been drugging us, holding us hostage, and hypnotizing us to forget who we are.  Please.  If you ever come across children like this, please help them, and keep them safe.  Don't turn a blind eye to them.  Some of my own family members are belting the hell out of them, belting them even to their private parts - believe it, it's true - that is how sick some of my family members are.  I have a daughter who is right now hiding because her eyes have been blinded by someone who poured petrol on her eyes and burned them.  These insane people would love you to think that I did this, however I assure you on my word of honour as a Global M.a.o.r.i. trying to kick start the Global M.a.o.r.i. Revolution of friendlies who help victims like us to feel safe..., that I would never, ever, ever do anything like this, not even if I was hypnotized, and not even if I was forced.  I would rather kill myself.  But children are sometimes a different story.  It depends on the individual.

Telepathic interruption.  I'm seeing now, my beloved daughter Penelope, her eyes are red and raw and puffed up, she is sitting on a couch in a locked room, with two other children locked in there with her, or, I am confusing two separate telepathic perceptions into one.  There is one door on the left hand side of the room.  Penelope, I know this is you, and I think you're at Barnardo's in Whangarei.  If this is true baby, light a fire using the matches I gave you.  Now.  To the public who remember that there was a fire at Barnardo's in Whangarei, now you know why.  This is what young M.O.A. Cops have to do to save lives, and leave a history trail.  I see this telepathic perception happening also at my brother Tahi's home.  If any of you visited his home during the year 2010-2012 and saw a door broken down, this is evidence of the night one of my daughters was attacked in his home by Ernest and/or Tahi Morton

Okay.  That's all for now.  I'm feeling a little frightened for the safety of my beloved Penelope from what I have just seen, so I've got to process this and get back to y'all soon.

Back.  Okay!  Training abuse is when someone hits you repeatedly while your have been drugged.  They will sometimes tell you to remember something, and then hit, stab or hurt you, so that you associate a bad feeling with a certain memory.  Training abuse survivors, you have to be strong.  It takes some real guts, patience and stamina to overcome such training abuse, so again, 'be strong'.

Another telepathic interruption.  I see my little girl who was taken from me by Child Youth and Family on 10th September 2010 with a ripped lip, beaten so badly she is literally shaking with pain.  This is what happened to you Shaaliyah (from the Edith Hopper Netball courts), so you have someone else who knows how you feel, AND, there is also an adult survivor that I have seen out near Waiwera who also carries these scars.  Be strong my children.  Adults, if you have seen these people, they are visibly maimed and carry a trademark scar on the left side of the cheek.  Please help these people and children - they need your protection.  And please do not fail to contact me when you see them.  My daughter who was taken from me is still being held hostage by these mentally insane people who act and behave normal - like well adjusted good citizen's of society.  Please help them.  Yeah that's right people, this is me being totally transparent about how my gift of psychic telepathy works.  Be strong my baby, help is on the way.

Myself personally, it took two years to overcome the effects of people drugging and hypnotizing me, and even longer to recall the memories about it.  I'm over it, and I guarantee I will stay that way.  And above all, I am on the hunt for my children, and no one and nothing is going to stand in my way.  Not even the people calling me crazy about such telepathic perceptions.  I know I'm right, and I am sticking to my guns, and I will prove everything I am saying when I present the evidence to court as a M.a.o.r.i. Police Warden of M.O.A. Government.  Until then, I invite other psychics to please help me find these children who are being silently abused.  I fucken hate these people who are doing these things, and I will get them, or my names not Nellie Morton.


Dear Friends and Concerned Citizens of Maori and New Zealand Society, while I've been battling acute memory loss these past many years, I have been investigating Child Abuse in this country since the birth of my son Arden who was molested by his own grandmother when he was around three months old.  To those of us who can relate, please help me to educate the ignorant, by explaining to them how memory recall works, in that there are primary memories that come back at first, and then the secondary memories surrounding those primary memories take effect to help you remember ALL the surrounding facts - not just the first memories of trauma that often hit you upside the head like a tonne of bricks.  Memory recall can sometimes take years to process, and that is me doing my bit to educate the so-called medical professionals who are paid big bucks to know these things, yet they are as stupid as a fish swimming backwards with a fucken blindfold, and also as cunning as a racist doing their best to dominate a nigga to hide crimes to humanity, or which New Zealand Mental Health, are as guilty as a paedophile stealing baby from a candy store. 

At this point, I'd like to thank my beloved daughter Chalise, for helping me to return to normalcy every time I was drugged by our midnight attackers while we slept in our beds, and on one occasion, I was drugged while sitting in my car, right out in public at Hilary Square in Orewa.  While I was still feeling dizy, she used to get me to read childrens books at book stores, she used to get me to call the police when I couldn't remember but was only aware of my state of drug induced confusion, and always after watching me fall to the ground after being drugged, she used to ask me... "are you okay Mum?"  If I am not mistaken, she has already beared witness to this fact in a court of law.  I've seen her explaining to the judge how "mums legs were flopping everywhere when she tried to walk".

No, my memory loss was not the kind of memory loss where you would forget that you have a child whom you love with the strength of the sun, it was the kind of memory loss that would involuntarily black out traumatic memories, which is why I used to rely on my psychic telepathy so much, and also my spiritual guidance, both which are phenomena steeped in Maori culture.  At this point, I make mention in no uncertain terms, that my daughter and I warned of the tornado in Albany, and the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan, well ahead of time.  These are the reasons why I claim mine and my children's status as M.a.o.r.i. Tohunga - gifted as we are with psychic telepathy, and the ability to speak as newborn babies, both telepathically, and verbally - the reason I became the subject of an illegal experiment involving many embryo which were extracted from me, and became marketable to prospective buyers.  Believe it - I speak here the truth.  I remember one time, I was totally drugged, and saw what looked like 20 odd fertilized eggs inside of me - I woke up during this illegal operation - I still see this mans face who did this to me.  So come hell or high water, I will find my children, I will get back my original identity, and I will get my children and my beloved father's inheritance he left to me, back in my ownership where these children and this money belongs.

To all my beloved children who have ever been called stupid - I am telling you all now, you are as bright as the sun, and smarter than they who speak and inflict such cruelties!  Be confident - speak out about this abuse, and you fight for your rights as I do.  I tell you all now, we will win this mutha fucken war of the violated mentalities versus the good, kind, innocent, loving and virtuous!!!  Pardon my swearing won't you - but there are still children being held hostage by the same types of child fuckers who harmed me as a kid - some are worse than that and are pure evil.  Ladies and gentlemen, members of the public - there are children at war in this country, against pedophiles, racist's, rapist's, and people whose mentalities are so violated, that they inflict the most senseless and insane cruelties against our most innocent of children.  So welcome to the war, and pick a side, coz many of them are the same professionals and religious people that New Zealand Government demands that we trust.  Get ready for the truth that you will probably never believe, but I am asking, nay begging you to believe, for the sake of the many innocent children who have lived through these criminal acts of insanities so cruel, this knowledge will change your life forever.

Around the year 1994, I became a New Zealand Police Officer -after I saved the life of my son, four day care workers, and a New Zealand Police Officer when I assisted Police to deactivate a hostage situation involving my son Arden at Puffing Billy Day Care Centre in Takanini.  It was all in the wink of an eye really, as the newspaper article put it, which led to the arrest of Fiona Cocker who abused my son at this day care, and also David Peter McGregor who is a very dangerous criminal, and is still on the loose after killing five police officers and raping numerous children and babies.  I was made a police officer particularly on account of the accuracy of my psychic telepathy which was acknowledged by Manukau Courier, and a standing ovation at the Manukau City Mall on behalf of Manukau City Council.  To all the good people of Manukau City who applauded me that day, and later, including the good, kind and honest police officers, please come to my aid as I am in need of you all to verify who I am, as currently, Rodney Mental Health are promoting lies about me that are protecting some of the criminals who have attacked, abducted, drugged and harmed my children and I.  And if you have this newspaper article, please give me a copy of it, as I suspect the article has been covered up by a member or two of Manukau Courier after management may have either been bribed, or threatened, or both - still investigating.  Years later, Fiona Cocker became a social worker for Child Youth and Family, along with her co-abusers Sarah Parker and Angie Goffe-Singh - all three who were working at Puffing Billy Day Care Centre in Takanini, and together, they removed my beloved daughter Chalise from my care, and all three managed Ministries case against me from 2010 to 2012.  It is my strongest suspicion that they have also murdered those with knowledge of this information, after smelling a rotting corpse on the premises of Child Youth and Family in Orewa.

Since I became Constable Morton in 1994, I was even delivered my own badge, (with my name Nellie Morton on it - as requested), my investigation of child abuse in this country has continued under cover, again while battling acute memory loss - that is how fucken good my psychic ability was, and all the police officers who knew me back then, knew it thanks in large to the police officer whose life I saved - not to mention the ungrateful day care workers, but there was one very grateful day care worker who was and undoubtedly remains grateful today, and lady, if you are reading this,
please contact me here, I'd really appreciate hearing from you to help me throw gas and light a flame on these Mental Health Wolves - they are fucken relentless and downright evil.  But don't worry too much - I got this - gulp - I think haha :D.  Now back on track. 

(My children have a cat named Banana.  He too was attacked by a pedophile after my psychic ability exposed him, and as punishment to my daughter, he broke Banana's leg and snapped his spine.  Banana now has three legs and a fragile spine).

There are a few different families participating in the abduction, abuse, hostage holding and murder of the victims of this particular case.  Those families include Judge L De Jong, his wife, and his daughter Kathryn Harvey who is guilty of attempted murder, kidney theft, rape, the theft of my inheritance and more crimes against minors including forcing my daughter beneath a pit in Judge L De Jong's previous home in Manly - aint that right Poppy Cocks, - Fiona Cocker, Sarah Parker and Angie Goffe-sing - the same three daycare workers involved in the abuse of my son at Puffing Billy Day Care Centre in Takanini which led to the arrest of Fiona Cocker, the same three daycare workers who later became the same three social workers who ripped my daughter from my care, - Sharron Ward, Tracey Marlow, Janette Harworth and Emma Waenga are also involved in the abuse of my daughter Chalise, Pene Iosefa and his first wife Alesha and members of Alesha's family, including the police officer who raped me with whom I have a beautiful daughter who is believed to be alive in the CYF's system, Sharron and Gary - two CYF Approved Care Givers who raped and murdered my Chalise but thanks to St Johns she was revived after Sharron drowned her in the bath tub - thanks for the guilt ridden phone call Sharron, I know what you did - I saw it telepathically and you are going down in the history of my affidavit as guilty of a few more things besides what you did to my beloved daughter such as locking her underground in a pitch black pit with a trap door - just like Judge L De Jongs family did, - a doctor at Silverdale Medical Centre who I suspect is the brother of Judge L De Jong who is also guilty of the attempted murder of Shallease-Penelope after she was stolen from me as a toddler, undoubtedly by the same police officer who raped me AND another police officer who is also guilty of raping me and one of my daughters, and also a tall man with glasses who was holding hostage the same police officer whose life I saved from Puffing Billy Day Care - at the Nautilus.  My cop friend's name is Mark.  He has been drugged repeatedly, and may now be back on the police force with either a new identity, or a new set of false beliefs through drugging and hypnosis.  And to the fake Mark who was taking over Marks life while he was being held hostage at The Nautilus - you and me got some history don't we buddy.  Aside from that, I can identify many of the teenagers who have raped and impregnated my daughters, including David Peter McGregors children.  Why do they have me under the mental health act? So that you will not believe. 

Thanks to my experience with NZ Mental Health, I can now report intelligently about the prejudice, ignorance and most wilfully deliberate sabotage of so called professionals at Rodney Mental Health and Taharoto Unit at North Shore Hospital, and other criminals, hostage takers and murderers like Aaron Taylor and co, Leon and co, and Craig Glanville and co who knows some of the dirty cops that hold pretty high rank who have been harming my children don't you Craig - yep, you do and other murdering pedophiles like them.  Parent's, NZ Mental Health would have you believe that I am delusional, right along with Judge L De Jong and co.  But while these criminals walk the streets behaving like decent individuals, they are harming and killing our children behind our backs.  Help me bring them to justice by supporting me and my beloved childrens quest for justice.  Many of these children have already pleaded these cases in court already, but they appear only to have fallen on deaf ears.  Some of the honest police officers of this case can also verify my large sum of monies at BNZ bank, which Judge L De Jong and his daughter Kathryn Harvey know all about don't you guys.  And as for the officals involved in the drug trade who were beating up and kidnapping my beloved children - see you in court fella's, and don't mention it, the pleasures all mine.  Oh!  And last but not least - did I fail to mention someone?  Ma bad - Constable Crouch - there you go buddy, you, the superintendent, another man who I recognize as being someone who was, and possibly still is, very High up in Orewa Police - and you too Ben.  Ahhhh... time for a well deserved cup of justice boys - served cold - just how you like it!!!

There are many child and adult victims of this type of secret hate and rage beatings, that can testify to these crimes, however many of them are either drugged to forget, or like me, have suffered a form of reoccurring memory loss and amnesia due to the severity of the beatings I took to my head and body as a child.  Some of these children are still enduring this abuse as I write this, and some of those children are my own children and grandchildren. 

As a child, I myself was forced to perform various acts of beastiality, sexual pleasure FOR RAPISTS AND PEDOPHILES, I've been raped - often while sleeping and waking up to it, hypnotized, severely beaten until my bones broke, and no one would believe that my brother who was an elder of the Donnelly's Crossing AOG Church was doing these things to me, except for the family members who witnessed these things, and are covering up these crimes still today, with the help of other people who are hiding severe forms of child abuse.  For this reason, I had to execute an act of self-incrimination by hurting my niece when I was 10 or 11 years old, in order to escape these daily cruel beatings, but yet again, I became the scape goat after my own brother Ernest had impregnated me at age 10/11, (and likely before that too), and his wife Carolyn drugged me to abort my baby at this same age, being the reason I actioned a rescue attempt by self incrimination - AFTER JUMPING OFF TWO BRIDGES TO TRY TO KILL MYSELF, AND AFTER SURVIVING A FEW MURDER ATTEMPTS BY MY OWN FAMILY.  And no, even though I committed three or four acts of child abuse against my niece in order to be perceived as an abuser so that I could be sent away and the growing foetus in my womb would be discovered, I am not a child abuser, I never have been, and never will be.  These are the reasons I am exposing criminals on this website, and also in my up and coming affidavit which will be filed in the Criminal High Court in Auckland.  Many of these criminals are getting away with murder and child torture over many years.  I will therefore be writing my affidavit to High Court as an officer of the New Zealand Police Force, as per my agreement with them back in 1994.

Standing Up For The Moral and Human Rights Of Every Man, Woman and Child - Worldwide.